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Glendale Waterpark

Salt Lake City Public Lands has initiated a planning process to create a vision for the new regional park at the former Glendale Water Park site. Currently, the site is undergoing demolition due to old and broken equipment that is no longer functional. Planners at Design Workshop are supporting the Public Lands Division to create concepts that create a space for the community to use in a variety of ways, from enjoying the natural landscape of the Jordan River and its trail connections to providing more opportunities for activities and events, while also having regional draw as part of Salt Lake City’s Reimagine Nature Master Plan.

The planning team is working closely with project stakeholders, neighborhood residents, and partners to create a community-supported vision that reflects the Glendale neighborhood’s diversity and rich cultural heritage.

Since kicking off the project last summer, the team has met with students at Glendale Middle School and Mountain View Elementary School, participated in several community events and co-hosted an in-person Open House at the Community Learning Center with the Glendale Neighborhood Council. At that event, we shared information about the site and asked the public to tell us what types of activities, features and amenities are needed in the community and would be important to include at the new park.

The same materials and questions were asked in a city-wide survey from mid-March to mid-April 2022. Results from the survey are being incorporated into the concept plan now and will be shared in late May or early June. You can see what features, activities, and amenities the public, both in-person and online, think would be important to include in the Vision Plan and who participated in the survey by clicking here.

Results Overview:

Through these community engagement efforts, the team has learned that an outdoor pool is a priority amenity. The Public Lands Department and Salt Lake County are working together to determine the feasibility of building, operating, and maintaining a pool at this site.

Other priority elements include community gathering space, water play, skate and bike features and sport courts. The unique character of the Glendale Neighborhood should be represented, new attractions like infrastructure to facilitate food trucks would be welcome and site features like the old slide hill should be maximized and opportunities to enjoy the park should be year-round.

Next Steps:
The project team is refining the concept plan now with the intent of sharing the final Vision Plan in late May or early June. Current funding opportunities will allow a portion of the park to be constructed in 2024, so the team is also working on identifying priority items that can be grouped together for a first phase of development. The intent is to deliver some park features that feel unified and will activate the park until future funding is available to implement additional improvements in line with the overall Vision Plan.

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Process to Date:

Past Project Engagement

In Fall 2021, the team began public engagement with Glendale Middle School, Mountain View Elementary School students and the Community Learning Center. We asked parents and students at the Community Learning Center’s monthly Morning Coffee and the Glendale ScareFair what elements from past surveys about the site should be included in the park. From natural elements that amplify the Jordan River, to active features like a skate/bike park, sports courts, and an outdoor dining area, Glendale residents’ feedback has been incorporated into the design process.

Also in the fall, the project team met with Glendale Middle School students on-site at the old Water Park to share what they wanted to see at the new Regional Park. Project team members guided them on a site tour, University Neighborhood Partners helped them with a “Place-It” activity and then they got to work envisioning. You can read more on this blog from University Neighborhood Partners

Workshop facilitated by Claudia Loayza (Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs). Photo Credit Jarred Martinez (University Neighborhood Partners)

In December, Mountain View Elementary 5th grades weighed in on what kinds of activities and amenities should be included at the new Glendale Regional Park site. Team members talked to them about public lands planning, civic engagement and community needs before the students got to work. Their cool and creative ideas are helping the project team narrow down the concepts that will be presented to the public in mid-March.

In January, 2022 the Glendale Community Advisory Committee was formed to ensure westside representation in the Glendale Park Vison Plan. The goal is to promote collaboration between local residents, stakeholders, Salt Lake City Public Lands and the project design team throughout the project. The GCAC has met several times to ensure the Glendale Park Vision Plan amplifies the community’s identity, sense of place, and quality of life.  Their feedback, and the input received over the fall has informed the concepts to date.

The project team will study the public input received throughout the process, along with data gained from existing conditions, programming and development studies, and ecological assessment to inform the project team’s development the final vision plan expected this summer. Construction of phase 1 improvements could be completed as early as spring 2024.

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