Salt Lake City

Public Lands Department

Kletting Park


  • Playground
  • Benches

History of Kletting Park

As early as the 1850s, Salt Lake City was experiencing major growth. Pioneers, trappers, miners, and gold seekers were among the many who came pouring into the valley to settle. The demand for developing and providing housing for newcomers was a high priority. The Avenues was one of the places in Salt Lake City that developed in response to this growing need.

Richard K. A. Kletting was one of the architects who had a hand in designing the homes that now rest on these slopes. Kletting Park is located where one of the residential homes he designed in the Avenues once stood. A Salt Lake County archival tax assessment documents a house built in 1889 at 170 North B Street. Etta May Austin is the earliest known homeowner, though the tax appraisal packet does not indicate whether she was the original owner. Sanborn maps from 1911 and 1950 illustrate the location of the home and a detached outbuilding. Both were indicated as one-level framed dwellings.

No photos have been discovered documenting the physical characteristics of the home. However, an archival assessment sketch indicates the building dimensions, and a note dated December 15, 1975 reports “building gone”. Additional notes indicate that the lot was subdivided into two parcels. Details regarding the demolition of the houses are unknown.

Eventually, the City purchased the parcels that comprise the current park, transforming the site into a park in 1988. Original park plans were developed in 1984. A redesign of the playground was completed approximately in 2000.