Salt Lake City

Public Lands

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7595 W California Ave

  • Restroom
  • Runway
  • Prep Site
  • Helipad

In 2016, Salt Lake City Public Lands constructed a model airplane airport on the west side of the city (7595 West California Avenue). The airport has been a successful venue for model airplane enthusiasts from all over the Wasatch Front.

Public Lands is now considering expanding the venue to also include space for remote control car users. This would be a low-cost project that would fulfill a need that has been expressed to Public Lands by members of the community.

Currently, remote control car drivers use mountain biking parks or other locations around the city that are not suitable for remote control car use. Public Lands hopes that this new area would provide a location where remote control car enthusiast can enjoy driving their cars without having to worry about sharing space with bikers or disturbing local homeowners with the noise of their cars.

Remote control airplane and car users were surveyed about this project in early February 2020. Public Lands is analyzing the responses and will update this page when the next steps of this project are determined.

The image below shows an example layout of what the expansion to the park could look like: