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Peace Labyrinth: GO Bond Project

Project Description

Peace Labyrinth Open Space is located along the Jordan River in the Glendale neighborhood in Council District 2. This area currently includes art, benches, and wide open space.

Using funds from the Parks, Trails, & Open Space General Obligation Bond (GO Bond), approved in November 2022, Peace Labyrinth Open Space will be “reimagined” to better reflect neighborhood needs and identities. This may include the addition of amenities or unique elements that capture the surrounding neighborhood’s identity and history; increasing elements of placemaking; or adding multilingual identity and wayfinding signage.

With Peace Labyrinth Open Space being located along the Jordan River corridor, our public engagement strategy will be synchronized with the vision of the Emerald Ribbon Action Plan, while also taking into account the site-specific desires gathered during engagement.

Project Details

Project Location

1550 Riverside Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Project Manager

Kira Johnson


Project Status

First Phase of Engagement

Community Engagement

Public Lands is conducting public engagement to ensure that the space is designed to meet the needs of the community and will be used for future years. There are two significant opportunities for the public to contribute their input. In the current initial phase, we aim to understand the community’s desires and vision for the space. In the second phase, we will provide designs based on the feedback we heard. During this stage, we encourage the public to review and share their thoughts, allowing us to refine and align the open space with the community’s aspirations.

Project Updates

In the Spring of 2024, SLC Public Lands asked the members in the community what improvements they would like to see at Peace Labyrinth. Public Lands is now evaluating the feedback we collected to develop concept designs for the space based on the community’s desires.

Once the proposed designs are developed, we will ask the public to review to ensure the features that are important to the community are included.

A report will be made available that summarizes what we heard and the next steps for the project.

Stay tuned for upcoming engagement opportunities!

Event NameTimeDateLocation
Leap Into Science4:00-5:00pm3/27/24Glendale Library
Chat with staff 2:30-4:00pm 4/10/24Peace Labyrinth
Bilingual Storytime10:30am-11:30am4/19/24Glendale Library
Earth Day 10:00am-1:00pm4/20/24Peace Labyrinth

Project Timeline

Develop the project’s scope of work.

First Public Input Opportunity: Identify the Public’s values and vision for the project.

Evaluate Public Feedback.

Develop Concept Designs.

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Second Public Input Opportunity: Showcase concept plans for public evaluation and feedback.

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Project Design & Document Review.

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Contractor Bidding & Selection.

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