Salt Lake City

Public Lands Department

Restrooms in Parks

Public restrooms are available in most of Salt Lake City’s neighborhood, and community parks throughout the warmer months. Portable toilets are placed in several high-traffic areas for use. Vault toilet facilities remain open year-round. Below is a list of restrooms that will be opened for the season starting April 16-17, 2022, and portable toilets placed currently in parks and natural areas.

ParkLocationPorta PottyLocked Up Nightly
11th Ave ParkYes
17th South River ParkYes
9th South River Park
Allen ParkYes
Cottonwood ParkYes
Fairmont ParkGarage RestroomYes
Fairmont Park Playground RestroomYes
Fairmont Park Skate Park RestroomYes
Glendale ParkYes
Herman Franks ParkEast RestroomYes
Herman Franks ParkWest RestroomYes
Jordan ParkSkate ParkYes
Jordan ParkGreenhouseYes
Liberty ParkTennis RestroomYesYes
Liberty Park VolleyballYes
Liberty Park Rotary PlaygroundYesYes
Liberty ParkConcession RestroomYes
Lindsey Gardens ParkYes
Memory Grove ParkYes
Oak Hills Ball Diamonds
Pioneer ParkSoccerYes
Poplar Grove ParkYes
Popperton ParkYes
Regional Athletic ComplexYes
Reservoir ParkYes
Riverside ParkMendenhall RestroomYes
Riverside Park 600 N RestroomYes
Riverside Park Lions RestroomYes
Riverside Park Tennis RestroomYes
Rosewood Park
Rotary Glen ParkPavilion Restroom
Rotary Glen ParkDog Park Restroom
Sherwood ParkYes
Sunnyside Park
Warm Springs ParkYes
Wasatch Hollow ParkYes
Westpointe ParkSouth Restroom

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