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Puncturevine Free SLC

Salt Lake City Trails and Natural Lands’ goal is to rid Salt Lake City of all the puncturevine plants on trails and natural lands. This will effectively reduce the number of seeds and future puncturevine. We will do this internally through a variety of methods, but we can’t do it alone! We need your help to tell us when you see puncturevine, to pull puncturevine you see in your own yard and neighborhood, to come to our volunteer days to battle large infestations, to dispose of this plant properly, and to support us in our mission! 

About Puncturevine

Puncturevine, aka goathead or Tribulus terrestris, is a summer annual plant native to parts of Europe and Asia. It is invasive to the Salt Lake Valley, and grows and spreads into a mat-like ground cover that chokes out native plants. Stems of puncturevine can grow as long as 5 feet! The seed capsules of puncturevine are hard and sharp, almost tack-like. They can puncture bike tires, hurt puppy paws and bare feet, and stick to the sole of shoes.

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