Salt Lake City

Public Lands Department

Watering Salt Lake City Parks

How Salt Lake City Public Lands Practices Responsible Watering.

Does time of day matter for watering?

How we are using technology to enhance sustainability:

  • When fields are wet or muddy, please wait for them to dry out before heavy use
  • Please keep wheels on designated roads and pathways
  • Neither people or dogs may dig in the park
  • Grill only in designated areas
  • If you see a sprinkler head that is gushing or pooling, please call (801) 972-7800 ASAP
  • If you see vandalism to our equipment, please make a report on the SLC Mobile App or by calling (801) 972-7800

Please reach out to our staff with questions at (801) 972-7800.  We look forward to seeing you out in our parks!

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