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Ballpark Station Area Plan

Ballpark Station Area Plan

The Ballpark Neighborhood is a conveniently located home to many residents and native to the city businesses.  The neighborhood includes beloved destinations, like Smiths Ballpark, home to the Los Angeles Angels AAA ballclub, the Salt Lake Bees, a historic collection of buildings, close access to grocery stores and daily needs, and walking distance to the Ballpark Trax Station, which provides transit access to the entire transit network that serves the region. 

The Ballpark’s Station Area Plan is intended to capitalize on the community assets and set a framework to help guide growth related issues and pressures and to keep the neighborhood as the home of baseball in Utah.  The Station Area Plan will provide guidance on how the community grows and changes, with a focus on creating a safe and welcoming neighborhood where the Bees thrive, businesses are supported, and residents feel like they are part of something big. 

This plan was created through a partnership with the neighborhood, and it is now time to make it official.  Over the next few months, the City wants to hear your response to the plan and have a conversation about the right way to zone the area so the plan can be adopted by the City Council and the zoning framework can be updated to preserve what is important, support updates to Smiths Ballpark and the Salt Lake Bees and grow in a way that is expected and desired by the community. 

Ballpark Station Area Plan updates posted on July 26. The Planning Commission public hearing will be held in person at the City & County Building July 27.

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Project Area

Next Steps

Here is what you can expect during this process:

  • Now though January: The Planning Division of the city will set up community discussions with the focus on gauging community support to the plan.  Where there is no support, let’s have a meaningful conversation about why and what can be done about it. 
  • February: The City will evaluate the input and make the edits to the plan so it can be presented to the Planning Commission. At this point, we will start talking about the role zoning plays in the neighborhood, what the appropriate zoning is for different parts of the neighborhood, and the process for adopting any zoning changes.
  • February/March: The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the plan.  The Planning Commission would love to hear from those that support the plan, as well as those that may have some concerns.  The Commission is legally required to make a recommendation to the City Council.  Discussions about zoning are important and will take a bit longer than plan adoption. Those discussions will continue during this period. 
  • April/May:
    • Ballpark’s Station Area Plan will be presented to the City Council for adoption. 
    • The proposed zoning changes will be discussed with the neighborhood, with the goal of achieving neighborhood consent to move forward with the appropriate changes.  When we get to that point, the zoning will be presented to the Planning Commission and go through the same process that the Station Area Plan went through. 

Public Comments and Questions

We want to hear from you! To submit a comment or question please contact the staff planner via email or leave a voicemail. We want to ensure all comments are considered before modifications are made to the Ballpark Station Area Plan.

Nannette Larsen // // 801-535-7645