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Safety Projects

Safety Projects

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Safety is at the heart of our work at the Transportation division. At the end of the day, we want to make sure people can get home, whether they choose to walk, drive, bike, or ride public transit. We are focused on creating a transportation network that serves people of all ages and abilities – from our youngest to our oldest travelers and everyone in between. 

We employ several methods to make our streets safer for people walking, bicycling or taking public transit. Browse the cards and accordions below to learn more.

Highlighted Safety Projects

A photo of the traffic calming improvements at the McClelland Trail crossing.

McClelland Trail & Neighborhood Street Improvements

This constituent-requested CIP project seeks to achieve two goals;  slow automobile traffic from current speeds of 26 to 33 mph to below 25 mph, and (2) improve the comfort and safety of six McClelland Trail crossings.

Existing conditions at the intersection of 1000 West and 700 South. A very wide street in a residential neighborhood.

700 South Traffic Calming ↗

In response to concerns from area residents, Salt Lake City is planning to implement a roundabout at the intersection of 700 South and 1000 West. Click the link above for more information.

1300 South and 2100 East Traffic Calming ↗

After changes to the signal timing at the intersection of 1300 South and 2100 East, the community requested further traffic calming along these neighborhood corridors. Visit the project page above for more details.

The improvements made to the intersection of 900 West and California.

900 West and California Avenue ↗

The intersection of 900 West and California Avenue is receiving improvements to create a safer and more comfortable experience for the many children and families that frequent the area.

The Transportation division is working on several projects and plans to improve safety for all users. Learn more about the work we are doing by visiting the following Transportation Division webpages.

parking kiosk

Pedestrian Safety ↗

Our Walking page contains pedestrian safety information, resources for reporting sidewalk maintenance and other walking resources.

Bicycle Safety ↗

Visit our Bicycle Safety page for bicycle safety and navigation tips.

Traffic Signal

Signal Timing ↗

Report a signal issue and learn about our signal timing efforts across the city.

Roadway Reconfiguration ↗

Learn about our Community Livability Projects.

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