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Mayor Biskupski Announces Local Co-Chairs for 68th United Nations Civil Society Conference

Mayor Jackie Biskupski has announced the local co-chairs for the sub-committees helping to organize the 68th United Nations Civil Society Conference, scheduled for Aug. 26-28 in Salt Lake City. 

Members of the United Nations organizing committee from New York City are currently in Salt Lake City for a technical site-visit. Committee members are touring facilities, including the Salt Palace and Welfare Square, as well as meeting with local representatives on issues like security and outreach.

Local co-chairs for the 68th Conference, themed “Building Inclusive and Sustainable Cities and Communities,” are as follows:

Exhibits Sub-committee

James Graham, project manager of Holdman Studios, will chair the Exhibits sub-committee. This committee works closely with the Logistics Committee to coordinate the work related to the exhibits as well as volunteers.

Outcome Document Sub-committee

Lori Hudson, Senior Vice President of Aspen Consulting Group and member of the YWCA Community Advisory Board, will serve as chair of the Outcome Document sub-committee, working alongside the UN to provide an initial draft of the conference outcome paper/declaration, solicit additional input during the planning process and throughout the conference, and edit the final version.          

Outreach and Engagement Sub-committee

Dr. Baldomero Lago, chief international officer for Utah Valley University and an official representative of the United Nations, will oversee the Outreach and Engagement Sub-committee, which works closely with the PR committee and the Youth Committee to promote the Conference through different media and resources. ​

Roundtable Sub-committee

Samira Harnish, founder and executive director of Women of the World, will serve as chair of the roundtable sub-committee. Harnish and her team will work closely with the UN to develop high-level concepts, identify conference speakers, draft and send speaker invitations, and more.     

Workshops Sub-committee

Leah Barker, CEO, CHOICE Humanitarian will oversee the Workshops sub-committee. This committee will work closely with the UN to draft criteria and content for conference workshops as well as issue call for proposals.

Youth Sub-committee

Madison Denkers, board member on the Steven G. And Susan E. Denkers Family Foundation. Mitch Dumke head of Mobile and Native Apps at Pluralsight and Treasurer for the Katherine W. and Ezekiel R. Dumke Jr. Foundation, and Marc Reynolds, current student body president of Utah Valley University, will serve as co-chairs for the Conference’s Youth Sub-committee. Focusing on the 18-32 age bracket, this committee works with the local youth communities to encourage active participation and to ensure inclusion of issues and activities of particular interest and importance to youth in the upcoming Conference. 

Registration is now open for the conference. For additional information, or to register, visit:

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