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Mayor Mendenhall Announces Mayor’s Office Staff

In advance of her inauguration Mayor-elect Erin Mendenhall today announced her Mayor’s Office staff, a dynamic group of individuals comprising experienced staples and incoming experts.

“I enthusiastically look forward to working with such talented people who I know share my passion for Salt Lake City. With both new and returning staff, we are fortunate to continue ongoing critical work as well as benefit from new faces with different perspectives and unique expertise,” Mayor-elect Mendenhall said.

While a portion of roles will carry on with both new and returning talent, certain positions have been reworked to more clearly reflect the priorities and advance efficiencies of our human resources.

The new Mayor’s Office staff is highlighted by Lisa Shaffer, Weston Clark, and Lynn Pace who are joining Mendenhall’s administration from both City and County careers.

Lisa Shaffer will join the Mayor’s staff immediately, and will take on the role of Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) upon the advice and consent of the City Council. Director Shaffer has worked for Salt Lake City for 14 years and is currently the Director of the Department of Public Services. In her new role as CAO, she will coordinate the activities of all city departments and help execute the goals and strategies of the administration throughout city operations.

Weston Clark will be joining the Mayor’s Office as the Director of Community Outreach. Clark comes to the city after five years working for Salt Lake County as Senior Policy Advisor to then-County Councilperson Jenny Wilson, and as Senior Advisor when Wilson became Salt Lake County Mayor. Clark will direct and coordinate all public engagement in the Mayor’s Office and lead the Mayor’s Office team of Community Liaisons.

Currently serving as Acting City Attorney for Salt Lake City, Lynn Pace will take on the role of Director of Government Relations. Pace, who has worked for the City since 1996 and began his service as an attorney but worked as a policy advisor to both Mayor Ralph Becker and Mayor Jackie Buskupski. He will return to the Mayor’s Office to lead and coordinate the City’s legislative efforts and intergovernmental relations. Kaletta Lynch, currently an executive assistant in the Community and Neighborhoods department, will move to the Mayor’s Office to serve as the Legislative Executive Assistant.

Additional new staff joining the Mayor’s Office includes:
Eva Lopez, Community Liaison
Jamie Stokes, Community Liaison
Roxana Orellana, Communications Manager
Vanessa Vicente, Office Manager

Current administrative staff will largely stay in their same roles, but key policy positions will be reworked to reflect Mayor-elect Mendenhall’s priorities of equity, inclusivity, and belonging for all.

Celina Milner will serve as the Policy Advisor on Diversity and Human Rights. Fatima Dirie, formerly a refugee community liaison, will take a more policy-driven role as the Policy Advisor on Refugees and New Americans. And David Litvack, who currently serves as Deputy Chief of Staff, will shift into a new position as Senior Policy Advisor. Litvack will coordinate and direct the policy efforts on key issues for the Mendenhall administration, including equity, diversity, human rights, and criminal justice.

Staff remaining in current positions includes:
Sandy Pho Casement, Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff
Jessie Egan, Executive Assistant
Sara Benj, ADA Coordinator
Hailey Leek, Census Coordinator
Josh Rebollo, Community Liaison
Tim Cosgrove, Community Liaison
Tina Benj, Administrative Assistant
Garrett Danielson, Administrative Assistant

“We’re grateful that this group, with its wealth of institutional knowledge and expertise, has made the choice to continue serving Salt Lake City and that they embrace Mayor Mendenhall’s vision for the future of our city,” said Chief of Staff Rachel Otto.

Complete staff list:
Sara Benj, ADA coordinator
Tina Benj, Admin Assistant
Sandy Pho Casement, Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff
Weston Clark, Dir. of Community Outreach
Tim Cosgrove, Community Liaison
Garrett Danielson, Admin Assistant
Fatima Dirie, Policy Advisor on Refugees and New Americans
Jessie Egan, Exec Assistant
Hailey Leek, Census Coordinator
David Litvack, Sr Policy Advisor
Eva Lopez, Community Liaison
Kaletta Lynch, Executive Legislative Assistant
Celina Milner, Policy Advisor on Diversity and Human Rights
Lindsey Nikola, Director of Communications
Roxana Orellana, Communications Manager
Rachel Otto, Chief of Staff
Lynn Pace, Dir. of Government Relations
Josh Rebolloa, Community Liaison
Gabby Romney, Exec Assistant to the Mayor
Lisa Shaffer, Chief Administrative Officer
Jamie Stokes, Community Liaison

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