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Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall Supportive of Governor’s Stay Safe, Stay Home Directive, Issues Fifth Emergency Proclamation

SALT LAKE CITY – After collaborating with state and county leaders on necessary next steps to combat the continued spread of COVID-19, Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall supportive of Governor Gary Herbert’s Stay Safe, Stay Home order for Utah, and has issued a fifth proclamation to implement the state’s “Stay at Home” directive, giving it the force of local law, as well as addressing other City-specific needs.

“Every hour matters in our fight against this virus and we are thankful to have partners in Governor Herbert, Speaker Wilson, President Adams and County Mayor Jenny Wilson who are willing to collaborate and work together to take a step that will lessen this pandemic’s impact on our residents and our economy,” Mayor Mendenhall said. “Similar to our efforts around air quality, Salt Lake City knows all too well that something like COVID-19 doesn’t recognize county lines or city boundaries, and in order to be truly successful in keeping our residents safe and our hospitals functioning, we must act in true partnership as a region and state.”

Mayor Mendenhall noted that while there are some additional restrictions with the state’s stay at home order and the city’s proclamation, if people are already practicing appropriate precautions, including social distancing, there will not be a big impact to their day to day lives.

Any businesses that are not already following direct CDC guidelines to protect their employees and the general public should do so immediately.

“You can still go outside, exercise at parks, hike on trails and go to grocery stores. Many of the businesses that we rely on every day will still be accessible. The state’s action today, and my fifth proclamation, gives additional clarity on what is required — by both businesses and individuals — to truly flatten the curve. ,” Mayor Mendenhall said. “We are asking our residents to act with great care in this unprecedented time. Think not only about your own well-being, but about your neighbor’s.”

This fifth emergency proclamation issued by Mayor Mendenhall on Friday also addresses additional measures at the Salt Lake International Airport. Effective immediately, no person will be allowed inside the airport without an airline ticket or airport badge and all dropoff and pickup must be done curbside or in the parking garage, with all individuals other than travelers remaining in the vehicle. Additional measures may be put into place to verify the health of deplaning passengers.

“We will continue to monitor the local effectiveness of these measures using the best available data, and we will adjust restrictions as necessary,” Mayor Mendenhall said. “We are optimistic, though, that if everyone takes this directive seriously, we will greatly reduce this virus’ impact on our health and on our economy.”

In coordination with the State and Salt Lake County, Mayor Mendenhall will continue to evaluate the needs of Salt Lake City as it combats the spread of COVID-19.


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