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Mayor Mendenhall’s Sept. 21 Statement

Because of ongoing investigations on this incident, I am limited in my capacity as Mayor in what I am able to say about the footage that will be released today.

But as a member of this community, and as a mother of a 14 year old, I am profoundly heartbroken and frustrated. 

This shooting is another tragedy – a tragedy for this young boy, for his mother, for families and individuals who have acute mental health needs, and for our community, who may look at this situation and see themselves or a loved one reflected in it.

We are bound by the process that must now take place to investigate this incident, but I want to be clear in my expectation that the District Attorney’s Office, the Civilian Review Board and the internal affairs team each complete their work thoroughly and quickly.

Today’s release of this OICI footage is being handled differently than it has been in the past. This is a shift that reflects my commitment to you for transparency.

Moving forward, all police body-worn camera recordings of officer-involved critical incidents, up to the moment when officers begin rendering medical aid will be made public on our police department’s website 10 business days following the incident. 

This is an effort to remove unnecessary hurdles to the public as they seek out information that they would be otherwise entitled to under the Government Records And Management Act. 

I’ll close today by saying as difficult as things may be in this moment, I believe in the work we’ve embarked on with my administration, with the City Council, with the Commission on Racial Equity in Policing, and with the Police Department itself. 

We are at the beginning of an evolution to the way our city addresses public safety, and through this work we will live in a Salt Lake City that is safer for its residents and the officers that serve and protect them. 

Thank you.

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