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Praising Salt Lake City’s resilience, Mayor Mendenhall details historic progress on air quality

January 25, 2022

While praising Salt Lake City’s grit and determination, Mayor Erin Mendenhall detailed historic air quality progress in her third State of the City address Tuesday. 

From transitioning the City to 100-percent net renewable energy to expanding free public transit and planting trees, Salt Lake City is making significant efforts to improve the City’s air quality. 

“These are the kind of steps I dreamed of as an air-quality advocate — our city is taking unprecedented control of its energy future,” Mayor Mendenhall said. “Every tree we plant, every mower we swap out, every public-transit ride, every energy-efficient upgrade and every net-zero building that goes up – combined with the 100 percent renewable energy that will soon flow into our city – we are making history together.”

That progress has come through four key approaches: removing pollution, investing in better data, reducing the volume of emissions created, and working to deliver 100 percent renewable energy to the entire city by 2030.

The Mayor praised the determination residents and business owners have shown throughout the pandemic and other challenges the City has faced. 

“The City has shown tremendous resilience and grit; and incredible grace in trying to help others through this time,” she said. 

In spite of the ongoing pandemic and other crises, Salt Lake City has not lost its focus. From affordable housing solutions, to homelessness support, and a significant reduction in crime, Salt Lake City continues to forge ahead, with goals that will build on Mayor Mendenhall’s overarching priorities of harnessing the growth of the City for the good of all residents, protecting the environment, creating inclusive and equitable opportunities for every community, and caring and supporting the City family. 

“These crises continue to test us. They have tested our government and they have tested our community, but we are emerging stronger, safer, and more equitable than ever before. We’ve persevered with more compassion for our neighbors and more commitment to our community,” Mayor Mendenhall said. “Crime is down, we’ve taken historic steps toward better air quality and 100 percent renewable energy; and we’ve never been more focused on equity and justice. Our city is resilient. Our city is strong. And I stand here deeply proud to serve as its mayor.”

The Mayor’s full speech can be viewed on YouTube and Facebook.

Read the full speech transcript in English or Spanish

Last week Mayor Mendenhall released her 2021 Report Card, which can be viewed here.


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