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Pioneer Park Construction Well Underway

Posted on:March 19th, 2019
New pedestrian walkway is 90% complete and 100% of the pathway lighting has been installed. Six new field lights for the multi-purpose field are currently being installed. Additionally, new field sod will be installed in April along with twenty-three new sycamore trees, weather permitting. Fencing around the field will remain until August or September to […]

Jordan River Boat Access Improvements

Posted on:March 18th, 2019
Salt Lake City’s meandering, tree-lined section of the Jordan River is arguably the most enjoyable section of flat water for paddlers anywhere in the Salt Lake Valley. Incredibly, this section of the Jordan River has almost no infrastructure to support canoeist, kayakers and rafters looking to experience this unique amenity. The Salt Lake City Boat […]

Off Leash Dog Park Improvements

Posted on:March 18th, 2019
The use and demand of off leash dog parks within Salt Lake City continues to grow each year. This growth prompted residents from the Sugarhouse Community Council to submit a 2017 funding request to improve off-leash dog parks at Fairmont, Herman Franks, Rotary Glen and Jordan Park. These enhancements will improve the human and canine […]

Cemeteries are Parks, Too!

Posted on:March 18th, 2019
Unknown to many, city cemeteries are often considered unique and appreciated public parks.  Similar to a traditional public park, these green spaces are developing into desirable places to exercise, bicycle, walk dogs, watch wildlife, and simply reconnect with nature. Historically, cemeteries and city parks were not distinguished for different purposes. In fact, in the mid-1800’s […]

Salt Lake City Cemetery Publishes a Book

Posted on:March 18th, 2019
The Salt Lake City Cemetery is an integral component of Salt Lake City’s green infrastructure, encompassing 122 acres of the Avenues neighborhood and serving as an important place for remembrance, peace, and enjoyment of nature. Its hallowed grounds hold 130,000 graves containing the final resting places of politicians, pioneers, artists, inventors, outlaws, educators, activists, and […]

Sugar House Park Pond Dredging

Posted on:February 21st, 2019
In January, 2019, Salt Lake County began dredging the pond at Sugarhouse Park. Dredging ponds in parks helps reduce algae and the likelihood that botulism will occur in water that is shallow and stagnant. Through this process, approximately 18,000 cubic yards of soil will be removed. Under normal circumstances, the removed soil would be delivered to […]

Washington Square Water Wise Garden

Posted on:February 21st, 2019
This spring Parks and Public Lands will be replanting the Washington Square Water Wise Garden. This garden is located in front of the east side entry to the building between the U-shaped parking area. As the primary entrance garden, this space provides an opportunity to demonstrate the City’s commitment to water wise landscapes that are […]

Artesian Well Park

Posted on:February 21st, 2019
Artesian Well Park is unlike any other park in the City. An artesian well is a natural spring that runs continuously all year round. This historic space has drawn people to the free-flowing water since the earliest settlements in the valley. Today, people travel across the county to collect natural spring water. The Central City […]

Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights

Posted on:February 21st, 2019
House Continuing Resolution 4, adopted by the Utah House and Senate in February, begins with an unpleasant warning: “Scientific research shows that children … are increasingly distanced from nature…” The trend of children’s disconnect from the natural world, often referred to as “nature deficit disorder” after the phrase was coined by author Richard Louv in 2005, is […]

What draws people to a park?

Posted on:November 13th, 2018

Cemetery Arboretum

Posted on:November 6th, 2018
The Salt Lake City Cemetery has a lot of trees! In fact, it has enough tree species to qualify as a tree-focused public garden and to become an accredited arboretum. Through ArbNet, a community of registered arboretums and botanical gardens, the Salt Lake City Cemetery can be added to the Morton Register of Arboreta (a […]

Parks & Public Lands Building Back Lot Fire

Posted on:November 6th, 2018
On July 25th several staff members were in the Parks and Public Lands Building back lot and storage area when they noticed smoke rising in the back forty acres. Within minutes, 10 foot flames were rising from just beyond the hill. The flames quickly spread through the dry grass. After the fire was contained, we […]

Fishbowl: New Warehouse Inventory Software

Posted on:November 6th, 2018
Salt Lake City Parks & Public Lands recently implemented a warehousing software tool called Fishbowl. Over the past few months the software has been integrated into the daily inventory procedures. Fishbowl increases our capability to track the cost of supplies, creates an efficient system with fewer accounting errors, and ensures more accurate tracking of fiscal […]

Fertilizing the Regional Athletic Complex

Posted on:November 6th, 2018
The Regional Athletic Complex (RAC) recently began using a fertilization product called Agri-Inject. The fertilizer is distributed to the sports fields through the RAC’s regular irrigation system during normal watering times. Agri-Inject distributes fertilizer by connecting an injection valve to the irrigation system then a liquid mix of fertilizers is dispersed evenly throughout the irrigated […]

Three Creeks Confluence Artist Selection

Posted on:November 6th, 2018
The Three Creeks Confluence project aims to restore, highlight and reactivate a unique location along the Jordan River in Salt Lake City. It is located at 1300 South 900 West. The location signifies where three major tributaries of the Jordan River join (Red Butte Creek, Emigration Creek, and Parleys Creek). The tributaries are currently paved […]

Three Creeks Confluence Park

Posted on:November 2nd, 2018
After several years of planning the design of Three Creeks Confluence project, it is nearing completion. Parks and Public Lands staff have been working throughout 2018 to overcome several land use restrictions and to secure necessary funding to move the project forward. Recently the Salt Lake City Council recommended an additional $1.1 million dollars in […]

Hillside Washout at Memory Grove Park

Posted on:November 2nd, 2018
On Sunday, August 18, 2018, in the early morning before sunrise, a large irrigation pipe broke on a hill on the west side of Memory Grove Park. This happened at approximately 3 AM and Salt Lake City staff were unable to turn the pipe off until 5:30 AM. Throughout the two-and-a-half hours, before the water […]

Columbus Court Fire

Posted on:November 2nd, 2018
On July 25th 2018, a fire broke out in a neighborhood above the Salt Lake City Capitol burning approximately 50 acres of Open Space Land. After the fire, Kevin Bajenburch of the National Weather Service, cautioned residents that there could be a significant risk of flooding as a result of the fire, particularly to the […]

Protecting SLC Trees with Tree Rings

Posted on:November 2nd, 2018
So far in 2018, Urban Forestry has planted 681 trees. These trees are planted in City Parks, Natural areas, and in park strips throughout residential neighborhoods and the city. Urban Forestry Arborists plant a variety of tree species ranging in size and character. Each tree has an important maintenance need in common – a protective […]

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