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Affordable Housing Dashboard

Salt Lake City Affordable Housing Dashboard

Growing SLC: Goal 1, Objective 4.1 – Maintain a public-facing set of housing metrics to provide insight into market characteristics and the performance of regulatory changes that will drive decision making.

One of the objectives of Growing SLC was providing residents, community advocates, business leaders, and elected officials with high quality data to drive decision-making. This is an objective that has been carried over with the Housing SLC plan. This dashboard provides a public-facing set of housing metrics to provide insights into key market characteristics. Its indicators illustrate important data on housing and will track updates on progress over time to drive decisions, understand impact, and help inform solutions to Salt Lake City’s housing crisis.

Please note that this dashboard is currently being updated, and some data might be incomplete or missing from these visualizations. For questions regarding the dashboard, contact Erik Fronberg at or 801-535-7291.

Housing SLC & Growing SLC Plans Background

Salt Lake City’s housing market has been experiencing a boom since the end of the Great Recession. However, even with a large increase in construction, vacancy rates are at an all-time low, driving up housing prices across the city. The growth in population and employment supports a vibrant city in which many want to live and work, but it is increasingly becoming a city out of reach for many of our residents and workers.

The Housing SLC Plan, unanimously adopted by the City Council in June 2023 as an update on the Growing SLC Housing Plan, aims to address the root causes of housing affordability, increase the much-needed housing supply, and expand opportunities for residents throughout the City.

The affordable housing crisis has implications for every Salt Lake City resident and business. Resolving this crisis requires a thorough understanding of the issue and tracking of our progress. Together, we can work to solve these challenges and support solutions to support a city that offers a high quality of life and inclusiveness.