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New City Flag Design Sought To Personify, Unite Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY — A new flag will wave above Salt Lake City by the end of the year, and the City wants people of all ages to help with the design process. 

After years of hearing that the current green flag with its mountains, skyline, and text have left people wanting, Salt Lake City is issuing a call for design submissions. Would-be vexillographers are invited to submit up to two entries by June 30. 

“A well-done flag can capture the heart and soul of a community and foster a real sense of pride. I’m excited for Salt Lake City to have a flag that better represents this beautiful, unique place and our people.” Mayor Mendenhall said. “With everything happening in the world, a creative, community pursuit like this is a welcome change.”

Submissions will be reviewed and finalists will be chosen by the Salt Lake City Flag Design Committee, which will consider each design’s incorporation of flag design standards and its representation of Salt Lake City. The committee includes Ted Kaye, North American Vexillological Association, Author of Good Flag, Bad Flag, City Council Chair Chris Wharton, Felicia Baca, Director, Salt Lake City Arts Commission, Gov. Mike Leavitt and others. 

Finalists will be rated by the public in an online rating window before the Mayor and City Council make a final decision. The winning entry will be awarded a $3,000 prize and get to see their creation waving from flagpoles for years to come. 

“A great city deserves a great flag, and I look forward to counting Salt Lake City among the best,” Kaye said.

Local school children, design professionals, first-time flag designers and anyone who loves Salt Lake City are invited to submit entries. Individuals who submitted designs for the previous city flag call for submissions in 2017 are encouraged to reapply. 

Design criteria, contest entry information and more can be found at


  • May 1 – June 30: Submissions Open
  • July 1 – July 8: Salt Lake City Flag Design Committee review
  • July 10 – August 21: Public Rating Period
  • August 24 – September 14: Internal Review
  • September 15: Flag Adoption


  • Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall
  • Salt Lake City Council Chair Chris Wharton
  • Ted Kaye, North American Vexillological Association, Author of Good Flag, Bad Flag
  • Felicia Baca, Director, Salt Lake City Arts Commission
  • Luna Banuri, HR commissioner for SLC (HRC) and ED of Utah Muslim Civic League
  • Angela Brown, Executive Editor, SLUG Mag, Executive Director, Craft Lake City
  • Samantha Eldridge, Executive Assistant, Student Development and Inclusion, University of Utah, and Indigenous Community Advocate
  • John Hartvigsen, Vexillologist, Colonial Flag Foundation & Company, and President, North American Vexillological Association from 2014-2017
  • Jorge Rojas, Director of Learning and Engagement, Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA)

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