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Special Events: Waste Management

Recycling is a priority when large groups of people come together. To help meet waste diversion goals, the City has instituted a waste reduction program for special events that includes a Waste Management Plan and Post Assessment to help you reduce your waste, recycle as much as possible and create an event that is more economically sustainable.



* Please download the assessment form before your event. The information requested will need to be filled out immediately following your event.


Special Events Waste and Recycling Permit Toolkit

  • Special Events Toolkit (PDF)

The Special Events Waste and Recycling Permit Toolkit summarizes the key elements that will contribute to a successful, sustainable special event. The toolkit includes information on sustainable event management, Waste Management Plan (WMP) details, service options and fees, and examples of waste and recycling “dos and don’ts.”


Printable Special Event Waste Diversion Signage

Waste & Recycling now provides printable special event recycling signs for to help reduce contamination between recycling and garbage cans. Recycling signage should be posted on all appropriate recycling bins at your event.

  • Special Event Recycling Signs:
    • 8.5″ x 11″ (PDF)
    • 11″ x 17″ (PDF)


Best Practice: Waste stations

Several special events hosted in the city employ waste stations to increase their recycling and composting rates and ensure event goers and vendors properly dispose of their waste. Waste stations generally subscribe to the following criteria:

  • Offer waste, recycling and (if applicable) compost cans all together.
  • Are clearly marked with information on what common items should go in each can.
  • Are staffed with a volunteer that assists with proper disposal and monitors and replaces full cans.

Special event trash, recycle and compost cans  are available through the City for a small fee.



If you are unable to use durable goods (reusable plates, cups and silverware), it is important to understand the choices available when purchasing disposable goods. The City strongly discourages the use of Styrofoam.

Try to use plant-based, recycled plastic and paper disposables that are more sustainable options. Download our disposables guide (PDF) for detailed information about choosing the best disposables for your event.

Bottled water is also strongly discouraged. Instead, offer water stations that allow people to fill their reusable water bottles or recyclable plastic cups.


What about green waste?

More events in Salt Lake City are offering green waste disposal. For example, the Downtown Farmer’s Market places a compost can in a central location for their vendors to dispose of fruit and vegetable waste. If your event has a vendor who may produce a high volume of fruit or vegetable waste (like a smoothie booth), consider offering a compost can provided by the Salt Lake City Division of Sanitation.


Zero Waste Events

Is your event wanting to work towards zero waste? Salt Lake City has established waste reduction programs for special events that can assist your event with planning waste diversion goals. Your event, if planned for, can divert a majority of generated waste from landfills.


Questions? Contact the Salt Lake City Division of Sanitation at (801) 535-6999 or