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COVID-19 for SLC Employees

Employees who have been exposed to or have tested positive for COVID–please click here for resources.

At-home COVID Tests Through the Pharmacy. Beginning January 15, members can get at-home COVID tests at no charge through their local network pharmacy. For some time, PEHP has covered over-the-counter at-home COVID tests through a reimbursement model when medically indicated. Members will no longer need to seek reimbursement for these tests when purchased through a participating pharmacy. To find a pharmacy near you go to and login to the Express Scripts website. Even with this change there is still great value in getting a COVID test through

Health Guidance Level Salt Lake City: Moderate


There is no cost to you to be vaccinated. If you have health insurance, vaccine providers (including Salt Lake County Health Department) may bill your insurance a vaccine administration fee. If you do not have insurance, you will not be charged.

7 Facts you need to know about the Covid-19 vaccines

7 datos que debe saber sobre las vacunas contra el COVID-19

Health Departments for Vaccines

County health departments are distributing vaccinations at various sites throughout the community. Appointment details vary depending on the county. For more details visit the websites for each county below.

Healthcare Providers for Vaccines

The state of Utah has partnered with healthcare providers to provide vaccinations throughout Utah.  Be ready to create an account to schedule your appointment at multiple locations across the Wasatch Front.  

Pharmacy Sources for Vaccines

Pharmacies are responsible for scheduling their own vaccine appointments. Because doses are limited, please be patient when scheduling. It may take a few tries or a few weeks to make an appointment. 

To find out more about pharmacy vaccinations, visit each site’s website at the links below.

Resources and County Health Departments

Vaccine FAQ from (with 13 languages)  

Vaccine FAQ’s from  

Utah Dept of Health COVID en español 

Davis County Department of Health

Summit County Department of Health

Salt Lake County Department of Health

Utah County Department of Health

Weber County Department of Health

Wasatch County Department of Health

Tooele County Department of Health

Coronavirus RAMP Guide & Training Resources


Now that SLC is in “high level transmission” COVID risk status, these training resources outline the safety precautions and screening protocols for all SLC employees. Click each training title to view:

1.) RAMP High Level Transmission Guidelines: This document is meant for department leadership to understand the overall guidelines and how to evaluate their workgroups to ensure the necessary protections are in place. (haga clic aquí para español)

2.) Screening Protocols: These documents are meant for all employees who will be screened at the beginning of every shift (and before entering any City building) and screeners who will be conducting the screenings.

Employee   (haga clic aquí para español)

Screener    (haga clic aquí para español)

3.) Wellness Screening Process: This short video is meant for Screeners conducting wellness screenings. It outlines the setup, necessary equipment, and step-by-step instructions for completing screenings. (haga clic aquí para español)

4.) Work Environment Guides: These documents are meant for department leadership to adapt the overall RAMP Yellow Guidelines to the unique needs of their working environment.

Public Safety (haga clic aquí para español)

Public Infrastructure & Utilities (haga clic aquí para español)

Workshop & Warehouse (haga clic aquí para español)

Customer Service (haga clic aquí para español)

General Office (haga clic aquí para español)

To review all your rights under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act click here to visit the FMLA page.