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COVID-19 for SLC Employees

Coronavirus RAMP Guide & Training Resources


Now that SLC is in “yellow” COVID risk status, these training resources outline the safety precautions and screening protocols for all SLC employees. Click each training title to view:

1.) RAMP Yellow Guidelines: This document is meant for department leadership to understand the overall guidelines and how to evaluate their workgroups to ensure the necessary protections are in place. (haga clic aquí para español)

2.) Screening Protocols: These documents are meant for all employees who will be screened at the beginning of every shift (and before entering any City building) and screeners who will be conducting the screenings.

Employee   (haga clic aquí para español)

Screener    (haga clic aquí para español)

3.) Wellness Screening Process: This short video is meant for Screeners conducting wellness screenings. It outlines the setup, necessary equipment, and step-by-step instructions for completing screenings. (haga clic aquí para español)

4.) Work Environment Guides: These documents are meant for department leadership to adapt the overall RAMP Yellow Guidelines to the unique needs of their working environment.

Public Safety (haga clic aquí para español)

Public Infrastructure & Utilities (haga clic aquí para español)

Workshop & Warehouse (haga clic aquí para español)

Customer Service (haga clic aquí para español)

General Office (haga clic aquí para español)

To review all your rights under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act click here to visit the FMLA page.