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Madsen Park: GO Bond Project

Project Description

Madsen Park was selected as one of the Reimagine Neighborhood Parks to receive funding from the Parks, Trails, & Open Space General Obligation Bond (GO Bond), approved in November 2022. Neighborhood parks funded by the GO Bond aim to invest and activate underutilized parks to increase access to green spaces and quality parks. The vision and desired usage of the park will be guided by the input we collect when we conduct community engagement. The completed project will feature new and improved amenities that are prioritized by residents and celebrate the community this park serves.

Project Details

Project Location

9 N Chicago St, Salt Lake City, UT 84116

Project Manager

Ronnie Pessetto


Project Status

First Public Input Opportunity

Community Engagement

What is the purpose of community engagement?

Community engagement will inform the design of the park and identify which amenities to prioritize. Additionally, engagement will inform the addition of unique elements of surrounding neighborhoods’ identities and histories, increasing elements of placemaking based on community input and desires, and adding multilingual identity and wayfinding signage.

How to Participate

SLC Public Lands will provide in-person and online opportunities for people to provide comments on the future of the park. Stay tuned for more updates and to learn how to get involved!

Project Updates

First Public Input Opportunity

Public Lands will conducted the first phase of community engagement to understand the community’s desires for the park and how they wish to see it improved. The feedback collected will to help inform decisions on how to proceed with the design phase, and ultimately implementation of the collective vision.

Want to weigh in? Help us reimagine this area by taking our survey. The survey will close on July 31, 2024. Make your voice heard using the button below: 

Upcoming Public Engagement Events

Event NameTimeDateLocation
Madsen Park Children’s Day11am-2pm6/8/2024Madsen Park
Utah Art’s Festival11am-1pm6/28/2024Salt Lake City Public Library
Downtown Farmer’s Market8am-11am7/13/2024Pioneer Park
Downtown Farmer’s Market8am-11am7/20/2024Pioneer Park

Project Timeline

Develop the project’s scope of work.

First Public Input Opportunity: Identify the Public’s values and vision for the project.

Evaluate Public Feedback.

Develop Concept Designs.

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Second Public Input Opportunity: Showcase concept plans for public evaluation and feedback.

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Project Design & Document Review.

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Contractor Bidding & Selection.

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