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Public Lands Begins Jordan River Water Trail Tree & Debris Removal Project

Salt Lake City Department of Public Lands has dedicated funds to remove certain trees and other organic matter and debris waste from the Jordan River Water Trail corridor to enhance safe and accessible non-motorized watercraft navigation while minimizing bank erosion and strengthening bank stability. The Salt Lake City segment of the Jordan River (approx. 2100 South to 2400 North) currently has years-worth of deferred maintenance in its water corridor and is eager to complete this task for the health of our environment and communities.

Salt Lake City awarded this contract to Diamond Tree Experts based on their experience with high quality urban forest maintenance, their robust inventory of equipment and vehicles that will be required to safely enter the river corridor with minimum impact, and their sustainable green waste processes. Diamond will be using the paved Jordan River Trail on the east bank of the river as its primary access and staging areas.

Public Lands staff and the Diamond team have inspected the entire SLC segment of the river to identify trees, deadfall, branches, and debris to be removed. This work started on August 1 and may continue for 2-3 months. Work began from the south and they will continue north to the Davis County line with the priority of clearing unattached organic and waste debris in the streambed as well as any live trees or branches prohibiting safe navigation of the river.

Stumps will be left in the riverbanks to minimize erosion unless they are a risk to public safety.  Once completed, Diamond will return to the south to sweep the river once again with the goal of clearing the canopy above the water up to 6 feet.

The work will be completed south to north, in flow with the river, so as the river clears up, loose debris will flow freely farther downstream. Salt Lake County has an in-river garbage and debris collection boom located at 1200 North in the Jordan River. Garbage is collected at this location and hauled to the landfill, so it does not enter the Great Salt Lake.

Be sure to check out the Jordan River Water Trail Tree & Debris Removal project page for updates and progress photos of this project.  

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