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Public Lands Celebrates the Retirement of Parks Division Director Lee Bollwinkel

On Friday, August 12th, Salt Lake City Public Lands celebrated the retirement of Parks Division Director Lee Bollwinkel after 42 years of service. 

Lee began working for the city in 1978 on the Parks mow crew during the summer as a junior in high school. In 1981, Lee began working full time for the department. Throughout his time with the City, Lee worked in a variety of supervisory roles throughout the divisions of the Public Lands Department. 

Over the years, Lee has played a key role in keeping Salt Lake City running through many major events. Remember the flood of 1983 or the tornado in 1999? Lee worked to coordinate major clean-up and repair efforts during these events to keep citizens safe and get affected areas across Salt Lake City back to looking better than they did before. How about the 2002 Winter Olympics? Lee worked behind the scenes overseeing the set-up and management of numerous iconic Olympic event facilities and venues across the City. 

Above all, Lee’s favorite part of his 42 years with Public Lands is the individuals he’s been able to connect with throughout his career. Being able to support employees in their endeavors and connect with constituents while working on projects is what Lee recalls as being the best part of his time with Public Lands. From his fellow employees to community members, Lee’s made a lasting impact on many throughout Salt Lake City.  

Congratulations on your retirement, Lee! Thank you for an amazing 42 years! 

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