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How to Report a Homelessness Related Issue on SLCmobile

How to Report a Homelessness Related Issue on SLCmobile

Did you know you can report homeless-related issues using the SLCmobile app? In partnership with the Homeless Engagement and Response Team (HEART), SLCtv has created this short visual how-to for using the SLCmobile app to submit reports quickly and effectively. Members of the community who are looking for tools to inform the City of needs in your area are encouraged to use this new tool.

This video provides a visual demonstration on using the reporting feature of SLCmobile. Viewers are encouraged to pause the video at each step to ensure they understand the processes involved.

To assist the community in completing these reports, the HEART Team has created a flowchart with guidance for different homelessness concerns. A guided tour of this flowchart is available at the link below:

SLCmobile HEART Team Guided Flowchart

To download the SLCmobile app, please visit A web browser version of this app is also available for use here.

For more information about the HEART Team, the reporting app, and efforts to address homelessness in the City, you can visit the City’s new Homelessness portal here, or contact Allison Dupler at or 801-535-7268.

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