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Salt Lake City Consumer Protection is committed to creating an ethical and fair business environment. We want consumers to make purchasing decisions with confidence and businesses to participate in a fair local economy. Recognizing the distinct qualities of housing as a consumer product and the specific challenges households face to find adequate housing, we give special attention to housing-related issues and concerns.

How it Works

  • Tell us what happened: Request assistance and resources from Salt Lake Consumer Protection by providing us with details of the incident or interaction through the ‘Submit a Complaint’ Form above.
  • We’ll get back to you: Within five business days we’ll get back to you with resources and information about what to do next to resolve your complaint.
  • Work with the City to fix the problem: Your experiences help us identify problematic businesses and practices, as well as larger trends, to better protect Salt Lake City residents and visitors from unethical business practices.

Before You Get Started

1. Collect as much information as possible about your complaint. The more specific the information, the more useful it is. It may be helpful to know:

  • Who is the complaint against? (The name of the business and the names of any individuals involved.)
  • What is the complaint about? (What happened? What was the outcome of the incident?)
  • When did the incident take place?
  • Where did the incident take place? (A specific branch location, over the phone, through email, etc.)
  • What documentation do you have?

2. Decide if you want to leave an anonymous complaint or to allow us to follow up with additional resources or questions.

3. If you do not have all of your documentation at the time you submit your complaint you may email additional documents to If you submit follow-up documentation, please reference your case number in the email.

Please be Aware

Users should not use the consumer protection complaint form to contact or provide notice to the City about dangerous conditions on public property. In the event of an emergency, please call 9-1-1. In the case of non-emergencies, please contact the police department, fire department, public utilities, or other relevant City department(s).

The City will not pursue monetary restitution, provide legal advice, or act as legal counsel in any legal action you choose to pursue, but your input will help the City identify businesses and practices in need of better regulation. While the City may not investigate all complaints, you may be contacted by the City for additional information.

Contact Us

For additional information regarding Salt Lake City Consumer Protection contact Erik Fronberg, Housing and Consumer Protection Analyst, at 801-535-7291 or

Additional Resources

Additional Resources