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Be Wild: Urban Parks

Be W.I.L.D. — Parks

Celebrate the beauty of our Public Lands while fostering community connection and responsibility. Dive into the diverse parks and open spaces our city boasts and join us in making our shared outdoor spaces more vibrant and cherished.

W — Welcome

Over 100 Public Parks in Salt Lake City!

Salt lake City has public parks and urban natural areas that provide exceptional outdoor opportunities to recreate, connect with nature, and build communities while supporting a healthy environment. Find a park near you by visiting our find-a-park webpage.

I — Inclusive spaces

Click on the topics below to learn how everyone can share space in our parks.


  • Salt Lake City ordinance states that dogs must always be on-leash while recreating in City parks. Our city is growing, as is the number and diversity of park users. An encounter with an off-leash dog is highly triggering and frightening for some park users. All public members should feel safe while enjoying their public lands, particularly in designated on-leash areas. We encourage you to keep dogs on designated pathways, close to you, and always on a leash.
  • Visit the SLC Find a Park page and search for “off leash dog areas” in the filter to find an area near you.
Playing in the Park

  • Salt Lake City parks are a great place to play outdoor games or sports. Be courteous to others and ensure you play in the designated areas or somewhere that will not interfere with other parkgoers.
  • Residents and visitors use Salt Lake City parks for recreation and relaxation. Being inclusive means not dominating the sounds of the park. Please keep music at an appropriate volume so only those in the immediate vicinity can hear.

L — Limit your impact

Be Aware of the Impact of Your Feet, Wheels, and Paws

  • Bag It and Bring It. Always pick up your pet’s waste and bring it to the nearest trash receptacle. Please prepare to deal with pet waste before heading to the park.
Pavilion Rentals
  • Please do not drive on the grass to unload your vehicle for your event. It damages the grass and can destroy irrigation. Plan to bring a wagon or ask a ranger for some assistance!
  • If using a BBQ grill, please prepare to clean it when you are finished. If you plan to go big, consider placing a tarp or something below and around the grill to avoid a clean-up disaster.
Wildlife & Plants
  • Urban parks are home to a vast array of local animals and plants, many of which have been nurtured or placed by city staff for an ecological reason. Please be respectful and only observe and take pictures. Do not feed or touch the animals nor remove any parts of the plants and trees. Keeping our urban parks places of natural beauty with local animals is easy if we do it together.

D — Do what you can

We Can All Do Our Part through Volunteer & Stewardship

We can all do our part through volunteering and stewardship. If we can give a little time and effort to our community spaces, they will remain places of refuge and rejuvenation now and for years to come. Learn more at

Salt Lake City Park Ranger Program

Park Rangers can provide more information about the Be WILD campaign. They’ll help connect you with volunteer opportunities, understand trail and park etiquette, and welcome you to new spaces in your neighborhood.