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Rose Park & Fairpark Neighborhood Byway

Rose Park & Fairpark

Neighborhood Byway

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Continued Improvements on 1300 West

Thank you to everyone who engaged with us on the Rose Park and Fairpark neighborhood byway in 2019 and 2020.  

We received great feedback on the selected route and crossing improvement design for 1000 North and 1300 West, scheduled for construction this summer. 

Salt Lake City Transportation is now moving forward with the second stage of the neighborhood byway, including  improvements along 1300 West. This will include intersection safety improvements at 500 North and 600 North and wayfinding signage and street markings throughout the 1300 West byway route. During this period, which will begin April 15, 2021, we invite community members to provide feedback through an online survey.  

Building on the feedback and comments received during the 600/700 North Mobility, Safety, and Transit Improvements Study, we are now asking for community members to share their specific experience using 600 North 1300 West intersection.

For more information on the 600/700 North Mobility, Safety, and Transit Improvements Study, please visit the project page:

Transportation staff will be providing walking and bicycling tours, on May 11, 2021, for individuals interested in exploring the new route and learning more about the area’s several safety improvement projects.

To register and learn more about the neighborhood walking and bicycling tour event, please read below. 



EVENT DATE: MAY 11, 2021


LOCATION: 600 NORTH & 1300 WEST {Google Map Pin}

Celebrate bike month by joining us on a walking or bicycling tour of the Rose Park & Fairpark neighborhood byway projects!

The walking and bicycling tours will take place on the neighborhood byway. Each tour will highlight different safety improvements along 1300 West. Please plan for at least 25 – 45 minutes of active walking or bicycling depending on tour route.

**Please remember masks or face coverings are required if attending the event**


Please let us know if you will be joining us on the neighborhood byway walking and bicycling tour. Currently, we are inviting all to attend; however, due to COVID safety concerns, we may limit the number of participants. Registering for the event allows us to accommodate and notify you of any changes.

Note the project team is not providing bicycles for the tour. Please bring a bike and the appropriate safety gear if registering for the bicycling tour.


Project Background

Project Background 

The Rose Park Community Council was awarded CIP funds for the first section/phase of a SLC Pedestrian & Bicycle Master Plan-recommended, north-south neighborhood byway in the Rose Park and Fairpark neighborhoods.

The project kicked off in the spring of 2019, and a byway route and safety improvements along the route were proposed. The project team met with community members at events, public meetings, and door to door visits to gather feedback. 

Based on initial outreach and community feedback, the project team conducted a further technical analysis to study route options. We looked at several factors including existing conditions, proximity to community destinations, network connectivity, and more. Using the results from the technical analysis, guidance from the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan, and public input, we are proposing an adjusted byway route.

Byway Route

1000 North Safety Improvements

Frequently Asked Questions

What changes are being made? 

In 2021, The City will make crossing safety improvements at 1000 & 600 North and 1300 West. These safety improvements will include:

  • Curb extensions (also known as bulb-outs) at the corners of the intersections to shorten the distance when crossing the street and help calm vehicle traffic.
  • High visibility crosswalks
  • Push-button activated flashing beacons (RRFBs) to alert drivers that there is someone in the crosswalk
  • Curb ramps for bicycle access to the beacon push buttons and crosswalk

Along the 1300 West corridor, improvements include wayfinding signage and pavement markings such as shared lane markings to help guide people riding bicycles along the byway.

Stay tuned for more planned byway improvements along 1300 West.

Why was the 1300 West chosen for the byway route when there is already a bicycle lane on 1200 West? 

Byway routes are selected based on many factors including:

  • Lower traffic volumes
  • Lower speeds – narrow streets or other characteristics were driving fast in a vehicle feels uncomfortable
  • Direct connections between neighborhood destinations
  • Greening along the route – for example, street trees that provide shade

Neighborhood byway routes are identified in the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan, adopted by SLC in 2015. Byways aim to create a more inviting and comfortable street network for  people walking  and  bicycling. The project team looked at several of the above factors, including existing conditions, proximity to community destinations (Jordan River Trail, schools, community centers, parks, businesses), transportation network connectivity, and more. Using the technical analysis results, guidance from the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan, and public input (public events, surveys, etc.), 1300 West byway route was chosen.

What type of bicycle lanes will be implemented?

The City will implement shared lane markings (i.e., “sharrows”) along the route to help guide people riding bicycles and to indicate a travel lane shared by bicyclists and motor vehicles. According to NACTO, shared lane markings “reinforce the legitimacy of bicycle traffic on the street and recommend proper bicyclist positioning.” 

See question: What type of changes will take place for more information.

When will these changes take place? 

Construction is tentatively scheduled for Summer/Fall 2021. We will update residents when we have more information to share.

Will speed reductions or other crossing safety improvements be implemented? 

This phase of the project focuses on safety improvements at the intersection of busy streets that cross the byway (such as 1000 North and 1300 West) which may help calm vehicle traffic turning onto the byway. One reason that 1300 West was chosen as a byway is due to the street’s relatively low traffic volume and speeds. However, further analysis, feedback from residents, and funding availability may lead to additional traffic calming along the byway in the future.

Project Goals

  • To improve safety for all roadway users
  • To accommodate active transportation users linking to key destinations including neighborhood retail areas and corridors, parks, schools, and transit stations.
  • Implement the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan

Project Timelines

1000 North & 1300 West Project Timeline

600 North & 1300 West Project Timeline

Spring 2019 – Public announcementSpring 2021 Pubic announcement
Winter 2019 – Input on draft designSummer 2021 – Input on draft design
Fall 2020 – Input on intersection design & final byway routeFall 2021 – Final design
Spring 2021 – Construction beginsSummer 2021 – Construction begins


Please contact the project manager for questions or more information on this project:

Will Becker
Transportation Planner II