Salt Lake City

Public Lands Department

Salt Lake City Foothills Projects

Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST) Maintenance

The initial 13 miles of Bonneville Shoreline Trail was built to connect existing utility roads and social trails with newly constructed trail segments to create one contiguous, non-motorized, trail for hikers and bikers, accommodating two-way traffic across the Salt Lake City Foothills. After years of use and minimal maintenance, SLC Public Lands plans to update the trail to meet its intended goals using best practices for modern trail restoration design.

Foothills Trailhead Infrastructure Improvement

Salt Lake City Public Lands Department has initiated the development of new trailheads and amenities at five existing access locations: Victory Road, Bonneville Blvd (Salt Dome), 18th Ave (Hilltop Road), Popperton Park, and Emigration Trailhead.

The Trailhead Improvement Project is funded separately from the 2020 Foothills Trail System Plan Project and has undergone independent processes. The City has committed $1.3M, which has been matched by a generous grant from the Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation, toward infrastructure improvements at the five trailheads.

Rocky Mountain Power Wildfire Mitigation

Phase 3 of the RMP Wildfire Mitigation Project is scheduled for fall and winter 2024. Construction access will occur from Kay Rees Park, 18th Avenue Trailhead, Terrace Hills West and East, and from Chandler Drive. Significant trail closures will occur and will be communicated via signage, this website, and social media.