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Capitol Park Cottages 675 North F Street – Planned Development

This Online Open House has been closed. On January 24, 2024, The Salt Lake City Planning Commission approved the proposal. That decision was appealed on February 3, 2024. The Appeals Hearing Officer held a hearing for the appeal on April 18, 2024, and published a determination on May 20, 2024, that upheld the Planning Commission’s approval of this project.

For additional information regarding the Planning Commission’s decision, visit their Minutes and Records page. For additional information regarding the Appeals Hearing Officer’s decision, visit the associated Minutes and Records page. You can also contact the Staff Planner listed under the “Public Comments and Questions” section of this page. Thank you!

Capitol Park Cottages 675 North F Street- Planned Development

Petition Number: PLNPCM2021-00656

Application Type: Planned Development

Project Location: 675 North F Street

Zoning District: SR-1 Special Development Pattern Residential District

Council District: 3, represented by Chris Wharton

Salt Lake City has received a Planned Development petition from Peter Gamvroulas, representing the property owner Ivory Development, LLC. This request is for the development of 21 new residential lots that would contain a mix of twin and single-family houses. Through this process, the applicant is requesting approval for a development that would require modifications to the regulations for new development within the SR-1 zoning district. Vehicular access for these new lots would be through an internal private roadway. Density cannot be modified through this process, and modifications to such are not part of this proposal (meaning the proposal would meet all density requirements for the above-listed zoning district).

Lot Configuration: The proposal includes 21 new lots with an internal roadway cutting through the middle. While vehicular access would be provided through the inner lane, the front of the new units would face a walking trail and open space that would loop the perimeter of the development. The lots and units have been clustered together into long, narrow lots to allow for greater open space. To accommodate the clustered nature of the development, the applicant has requested modifications to the SR-1 district’s permitted minimum lot width, side-yard setbacks, and wall height.

House Design: The request includes house plans for each unit, varying in size between small and large twin and single-family houses. Each unit would also contain an attached accessory dwelling unit (ADU). The proposed exterior designs can be found on the open house webpage for this request

Project Location

Located at approximately 675 North F Street.

Next Steps

  • Notice of this application has also been sent to the Chairs of the Greater Avenues Community Council and the Preserve Our Avenues Zoning Coalition, who may choose to schedule the matter at an upcoming meeting. Please contact the chair of your respective organization to determine whether a community council will review this petition and when and how that meeting will occur.
  • Notice has been sent to property owners and residents within 300 feet of the project to obtain public input and comments on the proposal. Notified parties are given a 45-day period to respond before a public hearing with the Planning Commission can be scheduled.
  • During and following this comment period, the Planning Division will evaluate the proposal against the applicable standards, taking into consideration public comments as they relate to the standards, and develop a recommendation for the Planning Commission.
  • The Planning Commission will then hold a public hearing for additional public comments and make the final decision on the matter.

What is the role of the Planning Staff in this Process

Planning Staff processes the application, communicates with the applicant to understand the project, and seeks input from the community

Public Comments and Questions

We want to hear from you! To submit a comment or question, don’t hesitate to contact the staff planner via email or leave a voicemail. Your questions will be answered within a week after the comment period has ended.

  • Start of Comment Period: July 10, 2023
  • End of Comment Period: August 25, 2023

While the public comment period required by the Salt Lake City Zoning Ordinance has ended, Planning staff will gladly accept all comments submitted during the time leading up to the public hearing (which has not yet been scheduled).

Aaron Barlow, Principal Planner // // 801.535.6182

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