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Open Houses

Open Houses are held the third Thursday of every month from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm in the fourth floor hallway of the City and County Building. They are informal opportunities for the public to ask questions about the proposals, amendments, and applications. No formal presentations will be given.

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2019 Open House Information


Date Agenda Fact sheets
November 21 Agenda

Historic Preservation Overlay Reorganization Zoning Text Amendment

Child Daycare Text Amendment

Zoning Map Amendment for the Property Located at 1612 West 700 North

Zoning Map Amendment for Three (3) Properties Located on 700 North

Sacred Circle Recovery Facility Conditional Use – 660 South 200 East

Sydney and Slate

Masonic Temple Apartments

942 South 900 East Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

Axioms Townhomes at 905, 911, 91 W Euclid Ave

October 17



Cummings Subdivision Alley Vacate

Near 800 N and Warm Springs Rd

Child Daycare Text Amendment

Adaptive Reuse Ordinance Text Amendment – POSTPONED

October 7 Agenda Zoning Map Amendment and Master Plan Amendment for 159 S. Lincoln, 949 E., 955 E., 959 E., and 963 E. 200 S.  

October 2


 Agenda Zoning Map Amendment and Master Plan Amendment for 159 S. Lincoln, 949 E., 955 E., 959 E., and 963 E. 200 S. – RESCHEDULED  
September 19 Agenda

Planned Development and Preliminary Subdivision at 537 Denver and 532 S., 538 S 500 East

Conditional Use for a Fuel Station

August 21  Agenda

Zoning Map Amendment at 2601 N 2200 W

Conditional Use Request for Industrial Hemp Cultivation and Processing

2691 N 2200 W – BP Overlay Zoning Map and Zoning Text Amendment

Airport Wireless Telecommunication Towers

Medicinal Cannabis Text Amendment

August 15 Agenda

Replacement of a Single-family Residence in an M-2 Zoning District

225 E. Williams ADU

Medicinal Cannabis Text Amendment

Design Review at approximately 1465 South 700 East

July 18 Agenda

Navajo Street Planned Development & Conditional Use

AT&T Wireless Communication Facility Conditional Use

Maplewood Addition Street Closure

July 8 Agenda Fleet Block Rezone  
July 2 Agenda Off-Street Parking Ordinance Update  
June 25 Agenda Off-Street Parking Ordinance Update  
June 20 Agenda Off-Street Parking Ordinance Update  
June 20 Agenda

Washington Street Alley Vacation at 1040 S Washington Street

Best Western Glo Design Review at 1865 W North Temple

May 16 Agenda Downtown & Sugar House Construction Text Amendment  
May 2 Agenda Conditional Use Approval at 558 W Pacific Avenue  
April 18 Agenda

The Beverly Planned Development and Conditional Building & Site Design Review at 45 S 600 West

Zoning Text Amendment for Historic Landmark Commission Appeals

Downtown and Sugar House Construction Text Amendment

Masonic Temple Master Plan and Zoning Map Amendments at 650 E South Temple

March 26 Agenda Conditional Use Approval for an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) at 233 E Williams Avenue
March 20  Amended Agenda

Congregate Care Facilities Text Amendment

T-Mobile Cell Tower Extension at 745 Warm Springs Road

March 7 Agenda  Conditional Use Approval for 661 E 100 South  
March 6 Agenda Sugar House Design Standards Text Amendment  
February 26 Agenda Text Amendments to RMF-30 – Low Density Multi-Family Zoning District  
February 21 Agenda Mitigation of Residential House Loss Ordinance  
February 19 Agenda Zoning Map Amendment at 402 and 416 E 900 South  
January 17 Agenda

Text Amendment for an Accessory Building in Side Yards at 543 N Pugsley Street

Conditional Use and Conditional Building and Site Design at 1037 E 900 South

January 7  Agenda Conditional Use for Utility Pole Mounted Antenna Array at 922 S Emery Street

2018 Open House Meeting Records