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Open Houses

In response to COVID-19 and recent Earthquakes; During this time, the Planning Division will be hosting public meetings electronically pursuant to Salt Lake City Emergency Proclamation No. 2 of 2020 (2)(b).

The Planning Division will be hosting an online version of the open house as an opportunity to review each project and provide comments and questions.

To attend, scroll down to the first column of the “2020 Open House Information Schedule” and click on the desired item you wish to attend.

Your input is valuable!

To submit a comment or question please contact the staff planner via email or leave a voicemail, your questions will be answered within a week after the comment window has ended.

*Please use the Citizen Access Portal or Salt Lake City Infobase for records not shown below.

2020 Open House Information

Date Agenda Fact sheets
May Agenda

Alley Closure at approximately 740 West 900 South

Duplex Planned Development at approximately 1048 S West Temple

Industry Neighborhood Parking Structure at approximately 439 West 600 South

Twenty Ones at approximately 2100 South and 2100 East

April Agenda

Crossing @ 9th

Historic Carriage House Text Amendment

2903 Highland Drive Master Plan and Zoning Map Amendment

989 E 900 South RB to CB Rezone

March 19




Conditional Use at approximately 1371 South 500 East

Conditional Use at approximately 1020 S Lincoln Street

Conditional Use for ADU at approximately 2174 South 1900 East 

Conditional Use for ADU at approximately 567 E  Hollywood Ave

March 19



Salt Lake Crossing at approximately 470 West 200 North
February 20 Agenda

Gale Street Apartments Planned Development at 555 South 400 West

Zoning Map Amendment at 1224 South 400 East

February 18 Agenda Gillmor Hall Building Additional at Westminster College

January 16



1083 S Blair

Huddart Lofts

Zoning Map Amendment at approximately 5525 & 5575 W 1730 S

Conditional Use at approximately 235 E Hubbard Ave

Zoning Map Amendment at approximately 706-740 W 900 South

January 9


Telegraph Exchange Lofts Rezoning, Master Plan Amendment and Planned Development 

Zenith II Zoning Map Amendment, Planned Development and Preliminary Subdivision 

Open Houses Meeting Records // 2018 – 2019