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Open Houses


Open Houses are currently being held electronically without an anchor location.

The Planning Division will be hosting an online version of the open house as an opportunity to review each project and provide comments and questions.

To attend, scroll down to the first column of the “Open House Information Schedule” and click on the desired item you wish to attend.

Your input is valuable!

To submit a comment or question please contact the staff planner via email or leave a voicemail, your questions will be answered within a week after the comment window has ended.

*Please use the Citizen Access Portal or Salt Lake City Infobase for records not shown below.

Active Online Open House Projects

This is a list of active projects open for public comment, the list is updated bi-weekly.

Fisher Brewery Expansion – Conditional Use October 14, 2021
Sheffield Accessory Dwelling Unit (Conditional Use) October 22, 2021
Chicago Street Townhomes November 4, 2021
Arment Accessory Dwelling Unit November 5, 2021
465 S. Main Street Apartment Tower – Design Review November 12, 2021
Weigand Hall Emergency Overflow Shelter November 12, 2021
Sugar House Community Master Plan, Future Land Use Map and Zoning Map change for the former Sugar House Fire Station November 12, 2021
Wasatch Avenue Trust – Planned Development November 18, 2021
Stealth Cell Tower Text Amendment (Revised) December 1, 2021

Closed Open Houses

This is a list of the projects that have closed for public comment, the list is updated bi-weekly.

Month Projects

Conditional Use for a Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) 362 E Sherman Avenue

750 North Redwood Townhomes

Casot Conditional Use – 1508 S 1500 E

1193 W California Avenue Rezone

the June Design Review

The Other Side Village Rezoning

T-Mobile Antenna Replacement – 52 W Fayette Avenue


Jefferson Court Planned Development

Design Review Standards Clarification of Applicability

Significant Water Consuming Land Uses Text Amendment

Baggett Accessory Dwelling Unit (Conditional Use)

Neighborhood Industry


523 W 200 North Monopole Antenna Replacement

FB-SE Rooftop Text Amendment

Kensington / Bryan Avenue Alley Vacation

Conditional Use – 1624 S 1000 W

Poet Row Townhomes

West Coast Towing Impound Lot

TAG 400 W Townhomes

Tech Lake City: Zoning Updates


Lake Street ADU

Conditional Use for a Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) 738 E 1700 S

The Huxley – Planned Development

Encircle Rezone

Elks Block Redevelopment Project

Bumper House Design Review and Planned Development

Folsom Row Townhomes

Brix Design Review

Ivory University House


Warm Springs Monopole Cell Tower Expansion

150 S Main Street Apartments – Design Review

Neighborhood House – Greenhouse

Redwood & Indiana Node Rezone

Architectural Nexus CB Zoning Text Amendment


CTAG/Green Haven Rezone & Master Plan Amendment

Emigration Overlook – Planned Development

Ville 9 Apartments – Design Review & Planned Development

Bueno Avenue Apartments – Planned Development, Conditional Use, Zoning Map & Master Plan Amendment


Bookbinder Studios on 2nd West

Jensen ADU

 Zoning Text Amendment – Child Daycare Text Amendment

February Conditional Use – Basement ADU
January Yalecrest Historic District Signage

Monopole, Wireless Communication Facility – 1550 South 5600 West

Maven Lofts

Zoning Text Amendment – Child Daycare Text Amendment

Southern Highland (SoHi) Apartments

Chrome Works

554 Master Plan Amendment and Rezone

CINQ – Design Review and Planned Development

Online House Records