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Monthly Report // May 2024

Posted on:June 5th, 2024
The monthly reports communicate the Planning Division’s workload and provide analysis of the trends to better understand staff capacity. Each report includes the following information: total applications submitted, application trends, feature projects, new projects in the works, and monthly highlights.

Salt Lake City Guide to Affordable Housing Incentives

Posted on:April 25th, 2024
Salt Lake City’s Affordable Housing Incentives (AHI) are in effect as of April 30, 2024. The Planning Division prepared a Guide to Affordable Housing Incentives to provide guidance to property owners, residents, developers, and others interested in the AHI. 

Potential Approaches to Simplifying and Improving R-1 Districts

Posted on:April 16th, 2024
During their formal meeting on September 5, 2023, the Salt Lake City Council passed a legislative action requesting that staff study options for a zoning text amendment that would make changes to all R-1 single-family residential zoning districts.

Landscaping & Buffers Standards in Salt Lake City

Posted on:April 12th, 2024
On March 5th, 2024, the City Council adopted an updated Landscaping & Buffers chapter in the Zoning Code, Title 21A.48.

General Plan and Zoning Amendments

Posted on:August 30th, 2023
The City’s Planning Division is considering updates to portions of the Land Use Code to implement policies identified in Thriving in Place to mitigate involuntary displacement due to development pressure.

Guide to Accessory Dwelling Units / Guía de Unidades de Vivienda Accesorias

Posted on:July 20th, 2023
The Salt Lake City Planning Division recently updated the Guide to Accessory Dwelling Units to reflect the April 2023, adopted amendments to the zoning ordinance regarding ADUs.

300 West Corridor & Station Area Plan

Posted on:May 18th, 2023
Salt Lake City is working on a new small area plan covering the blocks adjacent to 300 West between approximately 1000 South (900 South/I-15 Ramp) and 2100 South. The planning effort will do the following: Draft Plan Open House and Online Survey (March 2024)  The project team has developed a draft plan for the area […]

SLC Ballpark Station Area – Rezones

Posted on:April 14th, 2023
The Ballpark Station Area Plan is a small area community plan within the Ballpark neighborhood encompassing the properties between 900 S to 1700 S, and State Street to I-15.  The plan was adopted by Salt Lake City Council in October 2022 and provides guidance for future development, and land use to support the livability and […]

HRCs Annual Reports

Posted on:April 6th, 2023
Salt Lake City's Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for Homeless Resource Centers (HRCs) requires the operators to submit an annual report.

Fleet Block Rezone

Posted on:December 10th, 2019
December 2023 Update At its December 5, 2023 meeting, the City Council voted to create a new form-based zoning district (Form-Based Mixed Use 11 or FB-MU-11) and applied it to the Fleet Block, which is between 300 and 400 West and 800 and 900 South. As part of its decision, the Council also voted to […]

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