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E-bike Incentive Program

E-bike Incentive Program 

Applications for this program are closed. The City will use a lottery system to choose applicants. If selected, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on redeeming your voucher. Applicants can expect to be notified about the selection process by July 31st. Direct all questions to

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Salt Lake City is offering a limited number of vouchers to support community members purchasing e-bikes. Our goal is to replace car trips with bike rides and reduce local air pollution. Learn more about the values and goals that shaped this program on the slcgreen blog!

These vouchers provide a point-of-sale discount applied to the price of an eligible e-bike from a participating bike shop. This means the voucher amount is deducted from the price of the bike when you buy it.


Moderate Income$500$800
Low Income$1,000$1,300

All vouchers are valid from the day they are issued until September 30 at 11:59 PM. If not used by then, they will expire. Program participants can choose to redeem their voucher at any of the five participating bike shops listed below. If a bike shop is running a sale when you go in to redeem your voucher, the discount will be applied to the sale price of the bike at that time.

We are unable to accommodate returns of bikes purchased with City vouchers. Take your time selecting which bike to purchase.

Participating Bike Shops

The City is partnering with the following e-bike suppliers for this program. See inventory lists attached below to understand which e-bike models are eligible for purchase through the program. Each store is offering additional benefits to program participants, such as discounts on accessories and service.

Please note voucher amounts can be stacked with other sales or promotions offered (i.e. if a shop is running a sale, your voucher amount will apply to the sale price). These sales will vary throughout the voucher redemption period. In-store purchases only, no returns.

Note: The RadTrike is the only bike in our program marketed as adaptive. However, some riders with disabilities may prefer to purchase a two-wheel bike and have it retrofitted for their use. Several of our participating bike shops can accommodate retrofitting bikes.

E-bike Commuter Classes

We have partnered with Bike Utah to offer riding and safety classes to interested program participants. At these classes you will learn about riding etiquette, safety gear, maintenance, and other topics to help you be safe and enjoy your e-bike. The classes will also include a group ride where you can practice riding your new e-bike and receive feedback from the instructors. Classes will be held on the following dates: 

  • 8/15 @ 5:30 
  • 9/5 @ 5:30 
  • 9/7 @ 10 AM 
  • 10/3 @ 5:30 
  • 10/5 @ 10:30 

Selected applicants will have the opportunity to register for these classes.

There are also online resources available to promote safe riding. You can view resources from People for Bikes here.

What kind of e-bike can I get?

What support is available for new riders?

We are partnering with Bike Utah to offer riding classes and safety commute classes for beginners. More details coming soon.

Is this program for a free e-bike?

No. This program is designed to offer an upfront discount to applicants at the time of purchase, making it easier to afford an e-bike.

What if I don't have the proof of income documents I need?

Due to the volume of applications received, we cannot accommodate exceptions to the documents listed in the application instructions and on the website. If you don’t have the proof of income documentation required, you can still apply for a standard voucher, which doesn’t require proof of income.

Can I use the voucher on an e-bike I already purchased?

Vouchers are not retroactive to past purchases. Vouchers can only be used at the time of purchase.

Can I change the type of voucher I selected during the application?

No. Vouchers will be issued only for the specific e-bike type you indicate on your application.

Will I be able to exchange or return my e-bike?

We are unable to accommodate returns or exchanges with this program. Please take your time in selecting which bike to purchase.

Can I get my e-bike from an online retailer?

See “Participating Bike Shops” section above for details on where you can purchase an e-bike.

How do I estimate my household size if I have roommates?

Household income is based on the income of all individuals living in a single residence who are related by blood, marriage, or adoption. Roommates typically do not fall under these categories and do not have to be included household income calculations. So if you and your roommates keep expenses separate and just share the same housing unit (i.e., like college roommates), your roommates’ income do not count toward your income and they do not count toward your household size.  If you own the property and collect money from your roommates, then your roommates’ incomes would count toward your income, but they do not have to be included in your household size. 

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More Details Coming Soon

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