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Tips For Being Pesticide Free

10 Tips For Being Pesticide Free

  1. Improve soil health to facilitate healthy lawns and reduce weed growth.

    • Add ¼ inch compost in early Spring and early Fall

    • Mix liquid molasses with water and apply to grass. This feeds the healthy microbes in your soil, which makes your turf and plants healthier.

  2. Fertilize naturally by leaving grass clippings on lawn and mulching with leaves

  3. Aerate your lawn to avoid compaction.

  4. Mow lawn to about 3-4 inches high.

  5. Don’t overwater your lawn and avoid watering during the heat of the day.

    • Give your lawn 1 inch of water a week in May and September and 1.5 inches a week in the summer.

  6. Incorporate native plants into your landscape.

    • Native plants are adapted to local conditions and aren’t easily out competed by unwanted plants

  7. Use natural pesticides.

    • Neem oil or peppermint oil are great alternatives to chemical pesticides.

  8. Incorporate Integrated Pest Management practices.

  9. Declutter yard and home to discourage pests.

  10. Remove standing water & open food sources.