Salt Lake City


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What We’re Doing

Salt Lake City is committed to reducing our impact on air quality. Here’s what we’re working on.

Current Air Quality Initiatives​

  • Continue implementing Elevate Buildings Awards, a voluntary initiative that is designed to dramatically cut energy waste in Salt Lake City’s buildings to improve air quality

  • Create a municipal air quality network to share best practices for emissions reductions with other Wasatch Front cities, towns, and counties

  • Develop tailpipe emissions reduction plans for passenger and heavy duty vehicles for all of our City Departments

  • Build, over the next 5 to 10 years, the most energy efficient airport terminal in the country

  • Advocate for fair compensation for clean energy options in Utah

  • Institute a comprehensive Energy Management Plan for all City departments which includes an annual report

  • Enhance public awareness of Idle Free Ordinance, collaborate with businesses and fleets to post signs & educate drivers

Air Quality Accomplishments

  • Installed 28 new public EV charging stations in the city

  • Partnered with the University of Utah and Utah Clean Energy on a bulk purchase program for electric vehicles. In three months, this program put 127 low- or no-emission vehicles on the road

  • With the help of the Utah Department of Environmental Quality’s Clean Fuel Vehicle Grant and Loan Program, converted City fleet vehicles to clean fuels and low/no emission vehicles

  • Created the Clear the Air Challenge, reducing over nine million vehicle miles traveled and instituted a neighborhood based trip reduction program called SmartTrips

  • Adopted Idle Free Ordinance and education efforts

  • Phased out 2-stroke engines (lawn mowers, leaf blowers, trimmers, etc.) in our maintenance equipment in favor of electric and/or 4 stroke engines that are ten-to-thirty times cleaner

  • Partnered with Utah Clean Cities to provide electric car charging stations

  • Adopted planning and zoning changes to develop walkable and bikeable streets, and neighborhood centers to complement the use of transit

  • Improved building development standards to support solar energy and urban agriculture (which results in less fuel needed for transporting food)

  • Required the new, upcoming taxi fleets, to have low- or no-emission vehicles

  • Led the effort to open two new rail lines linking the airport via TRAX and Sugar House via the streetcar S Line to downtown and our neighborhoods

  • Added 215 bike lane miles to the City’s street network

  • With the leadership of the Downtown Alliance and Ben Bolte, opened the wildly successful SLC Bikeshare (GREENbike) program downtown

  • Built the nation’s first net-zero Public Safety Building

  • Introduced the City’s first solar farm

  • Performed energy audits and implemented energy efficiency on all our City buildings

  • With Utah Clean Energy, instituted a residential solar installation loan program

  • Transitioned some patrol and compliance officers to bicycles

  • Co-located City services near TRAX to help reduce the need for multiple trips

  • Raised our minimum standard for new and renovated municipal building construction to LEED Gold

  • Passed the Elevate Buildings Ordinance to require large commercial buildings to measure (or “benchmark” their energy usage); the simple act of measuring energy usage can result in significant air pollution savings.