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Understanding Your Score

How Did Your Building Do?

Energy Star score above 75Energy Star Score: 75+

If your building received an Energy Star Score of 75 or above, your building is Energy Star-certifiable. You qualify for:

  • Mayoral recognition and listing in Mayor’s Office press release

  • Energy Star certification with assistance from the City


Energy Star score above 50Energy Star Score: 50+

If your building received an Energy Star score of 50 or above, congratulations!

  • Your building will be featured as an above-average performer at

  • You are invited to attend the Elevate Buildings Awards

Energy Star score below 49Energy Star Score: 49

If your building has an Energy Star score below 50, it’s a good candidate for energy efficiency upgrades.

  • Schedule a free energy efficiency consultation with Rocky Mountain Power

  • Send documentation of your RMP consultation with your next benchmarking submission

  • Learn more on SLCgreen’s Energy Efficiency Services & Resources page

Elevate Buildings link to Get Recognition page