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Weekly Curbside Services

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All of Salt Lake City’s Recycling and Waste Services are available for single family, duplex and triplex residential units within Salt Lake City boundaries.

The monthly Recycling and Waste Service fee is based on the size of garbage can, and includes all weekly garbage, recycling and compost can collection, special curbside services and glass drop off sites.

For service updates on waste collection for out-of-the-ordinary events, including weather or holidays, visit SLCgreen on Twitter.

Waste and Recycling Requests (Missed pickup, lost, stolen or broken containers, etc.)

Complete our online form or call (801) 535-6999 to report a missed pickup, a lost, stolen or broken can, and other service requests.

Waste and Recycling Fleet GPS Map

View real-time GPS data on the location of Salt Lake City’s 33 Waste & Recycling fleet vehicles at any given time.

Garbage Fees

All garbage fees include one 90-gallon compost container (brown) and one 90-gallon recycling container (blue). To downsize your garbage can, log-in to Public Utilities’ billing portal, call our customer service line at 801-535-6999, or see additional options below.

Monthly rates are as follows (please see ** below for explanation on annualized, daily rate charges):

  • 90-gallon Garbage: $21.00
  • 60-gallon Garbage: $17.75
  • 40-gallon Garbage: $13.75

Voluntary Curbside Glass Recycling

Once-a-month curbside glass collection is $7/month, conveniently added to your water bill.  Sign up online for curbside glass collection with your water bill account number or call Momentum Recycling at (801) 355-0334. 

Garbage Can

Explore what goes into your garbage can.

curbside garbage container

Recycling Can

Explore what goes into your blue recycling can.

curbside recycling container

Compost Can

Explore what goes into your brown compost can.

curbside green waste container

Glass Recycling

Explore voluntary curbside glass collection, find free drop off sites.

curbside glass recycling container

Collection Day Map                              Curbside Rules

collection schedule map                              Rules for curbside collection program

(Click for larger size.)                                                                                                             .

Additional Services

Waste & Recycling Services

Waste and recycling services are included in your Salt Lake City Public Utilities water bill.  If you have recently moved, you only need to make one call to Public Utilities to activate both your water and refuse services. If you are missing a curbside garbage, compost, or recycling can, please call us at (801) 535-6999.

Downsize your Garbage Can

To change the size and/or number of garbage bins, or request additional recycling or yard waste bins:

1. Log on to your Salt Lake City water account and request a change electronically, or

2. Complete an online form or download a paper copy (PDF).

You will need your water bill account number and will be required to keep any new bins you request for a minimum of 12 months.

Additional Curbside Services

Visit the Call 2 Haul page to learn more about your once-annual bulk item collection.

Visit the Special Curbside Services page to learn about holiday tree disposal and requesting additional compost containers (year-round) to assist with leaves or landscaping projects.

These services are available to Salt Lake City Waste & Recycling ratepayers at no additional charge.

Opting Out of Curbside Compost

You may opt out of having the curbside compost can, but your monthly waste service fee will not change. To opt out, complete this form.

City ordinance 9.08.030 prohibits placement of compostable items in a city-issued garbage can or neighborhood cleanup pile. Any compostable waste you generate will have to be composted on site or delivered to a compost facility.

Opting Out of Curbside Recycling

You may opt out of having the blue curbside recycling bin, but your monthly waste service fee will not change. To opt out of the Curbside Recycling Program, complete this form.

City ordinance 9.08.030 prohibits placement of recyclable items in a city-issued garbage can or neighborhood cleanup pile. Any recyclable waste you generate will have to be delivered to a recycling facility.

Terminating City Waste Services

If your residence will be vacant or you have other means of removing waste, you can apply to terminate city waste services by completing this form.

Temporary Suspension of City Waste Services

If the residence will be vacant due to an extended vacation of the occupant or if the owner is trying to sell the property, you may temporarily suspend city waste services by completing this form.

Can Removal Fees

A fee of $11.00 will be charged for each can we remove from your property, unless you are downsizing from a 90 or 60 gallon garbage bin to a smaller garbage bin.

Have more Waste and Recycling questions? Call (801) 535-6999 or email

** Please note that the Public Utilities billing system charges all line items (water, stormwater, sewer, garbage, etc) on a daily rate basis. What this means is that your garbage container size is charged an annualized rate, converted to a daily rate, and billed according to the number of days in the cycle. For example, for the 90-gallon container: Some months, your bill will be just under $21.00, and some months, it may be just over. The annual rate will be the constant.

Many fees listed in the Consolidated Fee Schedule as a monthly charge are billed on the daily rate basis.