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Electrified Transportation

Electrified Transportation

Salt Lake City Green is committed to a cleaner, healthier future for our residents. Our Climate Positive 2040 goal of Clean Transportation requires swift electric vehicle (EV) adoption throughout the region. Our Electrified Transportation Roadmap supports this goal by highlighting current EV activities in our region as well as opportunities to support EV adoption for local governments.

In 2021, Salt Lake City adopted its own Electrified Transportation Resolution which includes goals to expand electric vehicles for its internal fleet, advance charging infrastructure in the community, and to work with external partners to electrify public transit and smart mobility platforms such as rideshare and car share. See blog post.

Then, on April 4, 2023, the City Council voted to adopt the electric vehicle readiness update to the Off-Street Parking ordinance. Visit the Electric Vehicle Readiness page to learn more.

We’ve also compiled some helpful resources below to help residents and businesses understand why electrified transportation is an important part of our climate initiatives.

Why drive electric?

Save Money

  • You can charge your EV for $.85/eGallon. This is about 2-3 cents per mile, compared to gasoline at a cost of 15-30 cents per mile.
  •  A 2017 report concluded that Salt Lake City residents can save $843 per year in annual fuel costs with an EV compared to a gasoline vehicle.

  • Park for FREE when registered! A city ordinance allows eligible vehicles to park at any metered space in the city for up to 2 hours at no cost. To learn how to register your vehicle as an SLC Green Vehicle and get your parking sticker, click here.

  • Lower maintenance costs. Because there are fewer moving parts and a simplified engine and braking system, EV owners spend less on vehicle maintenance annually.
  • Lifetime costs of owning an EV are lower than an internal combustion engine vehicle (ICE), thanks to cheaper fueling and lower maintenance costs.

They're Fun and Safe to Drive

  • EVs have great acceleration and handling and include lots of fun high-tech features.

  • They are quiet! Many EV owners love the peace and quiet, as well as the full sound of the stereo without all the background noise.

  • Regenerative braking in EVs, while it might take a little getting used to, is safe and responsive.

  • EVs have a low center of balance, due to the battery placement, as well as traction control and balanced weight distribution. They work well in all conditions, including hills and snow.

Accessible Charging: No Range Anxiety!

  • There are more than 200 charging stations in Salt Lake City. Of those stations, 52 are Salt Lake City Corporation’s Level 2 charging stations that are free for the public to use. Find charging stations on our website or use the ChargePoint app for real-time availability and reservations.

  •  Many EVs now have a range of 200+ miles. This means you could go from Salt Lake City to Logan and back on a single charge.

  • Charge at home. Level 1 charging at home is accessible and affordable for many people. This works well for most EVs with smaller batteries and does not require special equipment. It is also possible for homeowners to install Level 2 or Level 2 fast charging stations at home, although this option is more expensive.

  • What are your distance needs? Transportation experts estimate that most drivers travel less than 40 miles per day. Use the “Explore Electric Vehicles” tool from Dominion Energy to find an EV that is right for your commute, budget, and charging needs.

  •  If you’re still concerned about relying on a vehicle solely powered by electricity, consider a plug-in electric hybrid (PHEV) that includes a small gasoline engine for longer distances.

More Options to Meet your Needs

  • Nearly 100 new EV models will be here before 2022-with lots of variety to meet consumers’ specific needs.

  • As the EV market continues to rapidly expand, demand for EVs will urge automakers to develop more affordable models with a wider range of uses and features.

Keep it Local!

  • Many EV models available to consumers are made in America. Additionally, most of our regional electricity is from local energy sources. Driving electric reduces our reliance on imported oil and provides further support for cleaner local energy.


EVs and the Environment

Air Quality

There’s no doubt that communities along the Wasatch Front, including Salt Lake City, experience poor air quality year-round. From ozone in the summer to particulate matter pollution in the winter, we are consistently breathing in harmful pollution. Transportation accounts for most of our local air pollution. Electric cars are the cleanest option for passenger vehicles-they don’t even have tailpipes! According an analysis by the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, EVs can reduce local air pollution by up to 99%.


EVs convert 75% of the energy from their batteries to power their wheels. They do not idle and kinetic energy from braking is captured in the battery.

Electricity is produced almost entirely within the state, and most communities (including Salt Lake City), get their electricity from Rocky Mountain Power. Most of our electricity in Salt Lake City is currently powered by coal. However, Rocky Mountain Power together with local governments and clean energy groups recently passed the Community Renewable Energy Act (HB 411). This landmark legislation authorizes a path to net-100% renewable electricity by 2030. As Salt Lake City works towards this goal, electric transportation becomes even cleaner.



Charging Station Map

electric vehicle charging station map

For a full listing of charging stations with addresses, visit the Parking page. Please note that only SLC Corporation operated stations are shown. Many additional public charging cites are available. Find these at

Incentives & Resources

Incentives can help make it possible for you or your business to adopt an electric vehicle lifestyle. See below for a list of resources to help you find applicable incentives for purchasing an EV, or installing charging equipment.

Additional Resources

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