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Boost Your Efficiency

How to Improve Your ENERGY STAR Score

You have your score and now you want to boost your efficiency. You’ve come to the right place.

This is where you can connect with utility experts, energy efficiency experts, and learn more about education and training opportunities for you, your facility managers, property managers, engineers, and even tenants.

Get started by choosing one of the options below and you are well on your way to becoming an energy efficiency champion and a clean air champion!

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Building Owner or Representative of Owner

As a building owner you have the opportunity to invest in energy efficiency that will not only save energy but improve the attractiveness of your building to tenants. Check out the following links to find ways to improve your efficiency.

If you don’t know where to start follow this Rocky Mountain Power link!

Click here to browse the multiple electrical utility incentives offered by Rocky Mountain Power.

Click here to browse the multiple gas utility incentives offered by Dominion Energy ThermWise.

Many of the energy efficiency measures are a matter of operation. Investing in building operator training can help improve your building’s efficiency without having to spend on capital upgrades.

Check out the following courses for building operators and facility managers:

    • IFMA Sustainability Facility Professional
    • ASHRAE Building Commission Professional Certification
    • LEED AP Operations + Maintenance

For new tenants or lease renewals consider a green lease.

If you are planning to sell your building consider requesting an appraiser who has Green Building education credits.

If you are interested in becoming more sustainably minded in your own business check out multiple certifications from BOMA International.

Financing – Check out the C-PACE Program and different offerings from Economic Development.

Property Manager of Multiple Buildings

Managing multiple buildings offers you the chance of bundling projects and capturing more incentive savings from utility programs and energy audits. Utah has robust programs that are catered directly for you. Follow the links to find out more. If you are a commercial property manager check out Rocky Mountain Power’s new program, CRE Connect. One portfolio at a time, CRE Connect simplifies access to technical expertise and cash incentives from Rocky Mountain Power to improve energy efficiency and your net operating income. For gas utility incentives on the GS Rate schedule check out multiple incentive types for both prescriptive purchases and custom projects.

Tenant Who Pays Utility Bills

As a tenant who pays the utility bills energy savings factor in directly with your business costs. Contact your landlord and utility to work together for upgrades and improvements. Consider a green lease​.

Tenant Who Does Not Pay Utility Bills

Sign up for our E2 Business program to find ways to be more sustainable. Little things add up in our community and every step you take will help us reduce our carbon emissions and improve our air quality! Consider a green lease​.

Facility Manager

Building Operator Training