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Business & Multi-Family Recycling Ordinance

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What: In an effort to increase business recycling and reduce waste to the landfill, Salt Lake City amended its Solid Waste and Recycling Ordinance (9.08.200) to include business and multi-family properties.  Businesses and multi-family properties that produce over 4 cubic yards** of waste per week are now required to have a recycling program.  The amendment went into effect January 4, 2016 with a compliance start date of January 4, 2018.

Why: Salt Lake City has a goal to achieve Zero Waste by 2040, which means all waste is recycled, reused, or composted instead of being sent to a landfill. Single-family residences are already required to participate in both curbside recycling and compost programs. Businesses and multi-family properties produce 50% of all waste in Salt Lake City but, prior to the ordinance being amended, only 10-15% of that waste was being recycled. When widespread business and multi-family recycling is in effect, more than 20,000 tons of material will be kept out of the landfill. Furthermore, by recycling, businesses have the potential to save money and make a favorable impression on their customers.

How: Please explore our resources via the buttons above for tips on how to get started with a business or multi-family recycling program.

For Salt Lake City residents and customers: Let us know about a property or business that doesn’t have a recycling program and is out of compliance. (Form)

Quick Links:

    • Ordinance Exemption Request (link)
  • For business that are self-hauling, please call 801-535-6984 for verification.
  • “How to Implement a Business or Multi-Family Recycling Program” Toolkit (link)

**Four cubic yards is approximately equal to eight, 96-gallon curbside containers, which is roughly what multi-family properties with 15 or more units and businesses with 10-15 or more employees would produce.

Link to information for waste haulers

Business Recycling Ordinance: Link to Authorized Haulers