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Idle Free Resources

New Idle Free City Sign Locations

We want your input on where you think people need to turn back the key. Please click the link and fill the form and a sign may be posted at your suggested location with Salt Lake City Limits.

Salt Lake City is collaborating with Breathe Utah to distribute idle free signs at schools and businesses within the city limits.

To request a sign or to schedule an Air Quality 101 presentation, email More information is also available at

For more information about air pollution along the Wasatch Front and how you can help with this problem, consider scheduling a Breathe Utah Air Quality 101 presentation. Breathe Utah is an educational resource and advocacy group working to ensure we have healthy air and a vibrant place to live for generations to come.

Idle Free Ordinance (links to SLC Infobase)

Idle Free Fact Sheet

Addressing an Idling Vehicle

Education is a vital part of being an idle-free city. If you are able to talk to the owner of an idling vehicle, please ask them to turn off their vehicle until they are ready to drive.

  • Here is a sample conversation you can use to kindly ask the operator of an idling vehicle to “turn your key, be idle free.”
  • To request “turn your key, be idle free” window decals, please email Your Key Be Idle Free signage example

Report an Idling Vehicle

Salt Lake City Compliance Officers are available to educate and enforce the Idle Free Ordinance. Report an idling vehicle online, or call (801) 535-6628 and report in real time.

Idle Free Utah

Unnecessary vehicle idling affects lungs all across Utah. Please contact Utah Clean Cities if you are interested in helping your community — outside of Salt Lake City limits — be idle free.

Salt Lake City thanks to the Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR) for their generous support of Idle Free!

Link to UCAIR website