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Exempt Buildings

If you think your building qualifies for exemption after reviewing the below parameters, complete the exemption form, and send via email to with the email heading EXEMPTION REQUEST.

These will be reviewed and responded as soon as possible.

Exempted Buildings

The following building types qualify for exemption under Salt Lake City’s Energy Benchmarking & Transparency ordinance:

  • Buildings used for heavy manufacturing purposes
  • Apartments or multifamily units
  • Properties not assessed ad valorem real property taxes by Salt Lake County
  • Agricultural storage facilities and greenhouses
  • Oil and gas production facilities
  • Buildings that contain movie/television/radio production studios, sound states, broadcast antennae, a data center, or trading floor that together exceed 10% of Gross Floor Area

Additional Cases:

  • Building is new construction and the Certificate of Occupation was issued less than two years prior to the applicable deadlines
  • Building does not have a Certificate of Occupation or temporary Certificate of Occupation for all 12 months of the calendar year being benchmarked
  • Building has had a full demolition permit issued for the prior calendar year, provided that demolition work has commenced, some energy-related systems have been compromised, and legal occupancy is no longer possible at some point during the calendar year being benchmarked
  • Building does not receive utility services.