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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Guide

How to Use Salt Lake City’s EV Charging Stations

Did you know that you can use Salt Lake City’s level two electric vehicle charging stations for free? Accessible electric vehicle infrastructure is one way we can help improve air quality and reduce emissions from vehicles.

Whether you’re charging for the first time or need a refresher on how to use the SLC ChargePoint stations, here is a quick step-by-step guide for charging your EV:

  1. Parking: When parking in on-street parking areas, please be sure to pull into the space nose-first. Backing into a space may result in a ticket!
  2. Unlock the Station: Use your ChargePoint app or ChargePoint key fob to unlock the station before you pull on the charging cable. (Watch this video for help using the ChargePoint app and station!)
  3. Fully Extend the Charging Cable: Extend the charging cable to full length to reach your car’s charging port.
  4. Plug In Your Car!

REMEMBER: Charging your car is FREE! But please be courteous to other EV drivers and respect the posted parking time limits.

When using Salt Lake City electric vehicle chargers, please abide by posted signage for the time limit allowed. Remember to park nose-first. Backing in to parking stalls on the street may result in a ticket.