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Lawnmower Exchange 2022

As part of our commitment to clearing the air, Salt Lake City is once again participating in the State of Utah’s Lawnmower Exchange.

The Mayor and City Council have approved funding in 2022 to increase opportunity for all City residents to recycle a gas-powered lawnmower in exchange for a coupon (max value: $299) towards the purchase of a clean, emission-free, all-electric mower.

Clearing the Air

Running a gas-powered lawnmower for one hour produces the equivalent air pollution of driving your car 64 miles, according to the State Division of Air Quality. This pollution impacts public health, hurting our lungs and cardiovascular systems.

The EPA also estimates that lawn mowers account for 5% of the nation’s total air pollutionThe good news is that switching to an electric mower is much cleaner. They’re easier to maintain and quieter to operate too.

Last year, Salt Lake City funded the exchange of 509 mowers, resulting in 4.02 tons of air pollutants removed from Salt Lake City’s airshed each year. In 2022, our goal is to swap 1,000 mowers for Salt Lake City residents.

How to Participate

The State of Utah is opening up their registration lottery for one day only, beginning on April 4 at noon. It will stay open for 24 hours or until they receive a threshold number of registrants.

Salt Lake City hosted a pre-registration just for Salt Lake City residents prior to the official launch. This allowed more of our residents to participate and sign up.

The pre-registration has now closed. Please visit the State website on April 4 to enter the lottery.

Please note: You DO NOT need to sign up for the State of Utah lottery if you already entered your pre-registration details here. Duplicate entries will be deleted.

Program Details

See full details at

Program highlights:

  • This year, the program is a coupon-based program for the online purchase of an electric mower of your choice through the vendors Home Depot, Lowes, or Redback. Home Depot and Redback are offering $299 coupons (maximum value). Lowe’s is valued at $298 (maximum value).
  • FIRST, enter the lottery through our Salt Lake City resident pre-registration form NOW, or by signing up on the State’s website beginning at noon on April 4.
  • The State will notify you via email on Wednesday, April 6 if you have been randomly selected to participate.
  • SECOND: If you were selected, recycle your mower by taking it to a metal recycler OR by scheduling a pickup through Call 2 Haul.
  • After your mower has been recycled, you will receive a recycling verification number. Enter it on this site to unlock your coupon code.
  • THIRD: ORDER ONLINE: Once you select a vendor (Home Depot or Redback), you cannot change your mind and pick a different vendor! Input the coupon code at checkout.
  • You have through April 20 to place your online order. Coupons will be invalid after that point.
  • $299 coupons will not work on an electric mower retailing less than $299

For full details and Frequently Asked Questions, visit

Recycling Your Mower

As an additional service, Salt Lake City residents who are accepted into the lottery may recycle their gas-powered lawnmower through our Call 2 Haul bulk waste program instead of transporting a mower to a local metal recycler.

Request your lawnmower collection through our regular Call 2 Haul service by using this form.

We will schedule your lawnmower collection through our ongoing program. Please note that it may take several weeks to have your mower collected. You will still be able to purchase the electric mower after you schedule your Call 2 Haul collection.

Because the State has set a deadline of April 20 to make the online purchase of your mower, please ensure that you request a Call 2 Haul collection promptly if you would like to utilize this service (no later than 11:59 p.m. on April 18. We will send you a recycling code by the end of business on April 19).

Gas and oil must be drained prior to Call 2 Haul pickup.