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Composting is nature’s way of recycling.  You can turn fruit, vegetables and yard waste into dark, crumbly, sweet-smelling soil amendment. Composting saves you money by lowering your garbage bill and avoiding the purchase of commercial fertilizers.

The addition of compost helps your garden and plants, saves water and, by keeping it out of your garbage bin, saves landfill space.

There are many methods of composting. Manufactured bins are available at most garden stores, or you can build your own compost bin. Salt Lake City’s addition of the brown curbside compost can allows all Salt Lake City residents to compost.

Composting Guide

Salt Lake City’s popular guide to home composting, available as a PDF.

home composting

Build A Compost Bin

Build your own compost bin right at home – it’s easy!

build a compost bin

Compost Can

Recycle yard, fruit and vegetable waste with Salt Lake City’s curbside composting can.

curbside green waste bin

Donate Produce

Donate fresh produce from your garden!


donate produce

Buy Compost

Buy compost from Salt Lake City’s curbside compost program, just Just $30 per scoop (approximately 3 yards)

buy compost