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What material can I recycle from my business or multi-family property?

Single-stream recycling programs, such as the blue cans provided to most Salt Lake City residential properties, accept the following items:

  • Cardboard
  • Mixed paper (newspaper, junk mail, magazines, catalogs, old files, reports, etc.)
  • Metal food and beverage cans (aluminum, tin & steel cans)
  • Plastic containers marked #1 – #7 (no plastic bags or Styrofoam- though check with your hauler to be sure)
  • Food and beverage cartons (no food wrappings)

If your business produces glass or compost, recycling those materials will help you meet the requirements. If you are not sure if the waste your business generates is recyclable, please email  for more information. You might be throwing out materials that could be diverted from the landfill.​

Am I able to mix my trash and recycling together and rely on my hauler to separate recycling from trash for my business offsite?

To be in compliance with Salt Lake City ordinance, your waste hauler may not collect everything in one bin and separate recyclables from garbage at a solid waste recycling facility. The separation must happen onsite at your location. At this time, there are no permitted facilities in Utah that are capable of separating recyclables from solid waste.

Does my hauler actually recycle my recyclable materials?

Salt Lake City’s list of authorized waste haulers must provide quarterly data on volume and tons of recyclables and compostables (where applicable). The simple fact is that waste haulers that don’t recycle are literally throwing money away, as it costs more to dispose of material in a landfill than it does to recycle it.

Can I just take my trash and recyclables home and use my curbside cans?

No, if your property produces more than 4 cubic yards of waste, you will need to contract with an authorized hauler that is permitted by the Salt Lake Health Department to haul waste. Fees from Salt Lake City residents pay for curbside waste. Businesses should pay for their waste as well.

There is no room for additional dumpsters on my property. What happens now?

If your business or multi-family property generates 4 or more cubic yards of waste and recycling but you don’t have space at your property, consider sharing a recycling dumpster with neighboring businesses or properties. You are allowed under City code to voluntarily convert a parking space for a recycling container. An exemption may be possible if, upon inspection, the City determines there is not adequate space for the option of shared recycling dumpsters, or if compliance would result in a code violation.

Can I request an exemption from recycling for my business?

If you can demonstrate that your business does not generate 4 cubic yards of waste per week, the Director of Sustainability may grant an exemption. Multi-family housing properties that qualify for housing tax credits, such as Section 8 vouchers, may qualify for an exemption under certain circumstances. Please contact Sanitation at

Do I get charged a fee if my recycling dumpster or cans have contamination in it?

Your waste hauler may impose a fee for contamination, but only if it exceeds 25% of the recyclable material. Haulers have a vested interest in helping you recycle successfully and may offer educational material to help your tenants, employees and customers. The City’s Sanitation, Education and Enforcement Team is also available for onsite consultation.

Are there fines for not being in compliance?

The amendment went into effect January 4, 2016. Businesses and multi-family properties are allowed two years from the effective date – until January 4, 2018 – to implement recycling, and the City is taking an education-first approach to compliance.

Can I get recycling cans from Salt Lake City's Division of Waste & Recycling?

Small businesses or multi-family properties may be eligible to subscribe to Salt Lake City’s recycling collection services if it requires no more than 2 recycling cans and is located near an existing residential collection route. Certain location conditions and qualification restrictions may apply.

Questions? Please contact Salt Lake City Waste & Recycling at (801) 535-6984 for more information.