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Garbage Can

With so much of your waste diverted from the landfill through the curbside recycling, composting and glass recycling cans, you might be wondering what actually goes into your garbage can these days.

The short answer is — only the gross stuff!

Rates are as follows (beginning July 2023):

90 gallon container – $30.20/month

60 gallon container – $25.45/month

40 gallon container – $19.90/month

What goes in your garbage can?

Do you have extra heavy material? Dirt? Rocks? Sod?

Please dispose of heavy objects like dirt, rocks, sod, etc. in the garbage can. Only fill up 1/4 of the way. This will protect the container from breaking and ensure it can be dumped by the truck.
Got Dirt?

Please dispose of dirt and rocks in the green garbage bin. Remember, dirt and rocks should only fill up 1/4 of the can so as not to break it.