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Glass Recycling: Voluntary Curbside Service & Drop Off Sites

Glass Recycling 

Glass recycling helps conserve valuable resources, putting materials directly to use either as new bottles or industrial materials such as insulation. Separating glass from other recyclables helps prevent contamination of our recycling stream, and helps stimulate the local economy. Momentum Recycling, Utah’s glass-only recycling facility, provides a critical services to our communities by taking care of our glass and moving Utah closer to zero waste.

Salt Lake City contracts with Momentum Recycling for voluntary curbside and drop off glass recycling. If you currently receive waste services from Salt Lake City, you are eligible for low-rate optional curbside glass collection. Otherwise, please take your glass to a drop-off location.

Curbside Glass Collection

Curbside glass recycling is available in Salt Lake City! Sign up online for curbside glass collection with your water bill account number or call Momentum Recycling at (801) 355-0334.

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Please note that subscription service rates for curbside glass recycling are increasing from $7.00 to $8.00 per month beginning in September 2022.

Program Basics

Program Basics

  • Service is optional
  • Momentum Recycling will provide a 35-gallon can just for glass
  • All colors of glass bottles and jars are accepted (no color separation required)
  • Once a month collection, with reminders sent via email, text or phone
  • $8.00 monthly fee, conveniently added to your water bill (learn more about downsizing your garbage can to help offset the additional fee).

Collection Days

Find your monthly curbside glass collection day (Map).

Find your monthly curbside glass collection route (PDF).

Can Placement

  • Wheel container to the curb by 7:00 a.m. on your assigned collection day.
  • Place can at least three (3) feet away from vehicles or other objects to prevent property damage.
  • Do not overfill the can, the lid must close. Overfilled cans may cause spillage in the roadway.
  • Do not place items on the side of the can, they will not be removed. Only items inside the can will be collected.

Register for the Program

Residents can sign up online with your water bill account number, or call (801) 355-0334.

Drop Off Sites

Salt Lake County Drop Off Sites (for residents only):

Keep in mind that the Salt Lake Valley Landfill site (6030 W. California Avenue) is heavily used (especially on the weekends). The drop-off sites are intended for use by residents only.

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Glass Recycling Rules for Drop Off & Curbside

Accepted Items
Drop Off and Curbside
Unacceptable Items
Please do NOT place the following items in any glass recycling bin (Drop Off or Curbside)
Glass bottles and jars ONLY. Broken bottles and jars are okay.

Empty container, remove lids and corks.

Do not place items on the side of the bin.
Light bulbs
Fish tanks
Dishes, plates, glasses
Bags, boxes, 6-pack cartons

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the glass after it has been picked up?

Glass will be recycled locally at Momentum Recycling’s processing facility in Salt Lake City. Visit Momentum Recycling’s website for details about the destination for the glass cullet.

Why can't we put glass in our blue curbside can with all of the other recyclables?

  • When glass is collected in a curbside can it breaks and degrades the other recyclables in your can. This devalues the entire stock of recyclables, as end markets prefer that glass not be mixed in.
  • Collecting glass separately results in more glass actually getting recycled.  Curbside programs that collect glass typically recycle less than half the glass that is collected in the can, due to the glass being broken down into pieces too small to recover. Over 95% of the glass collected for recycling in Salt Lake City ends up getting recycled.

I live in an apartment or multi-family property. Can I sign up?

Small multi-family properties which also receive curbside collection for waste and recycling from Salt Lake City, are eligible. Otherwise, please use our drop-off locations. Consider speaking to your property manager about adding glass recycling to their waste program. Your property may also fall under the new Business Recycling Ordinance— which requires properties which produce 4+ cubic yards of waste per week to recycle. Please share this information with your property manager.

How can I recycle glass from my business?

Momentum Recycling also provides a variety of recycling collection services for businesses throughout the Salt Lake Valley. Contact them by calling (801) 355-0334 or visiting Momentum Recycling’s website.

Get the App

Momentum Recycling's Mobile App

Momentum Recycling offers a mobile app to help you stay up to date about your glass recycling.

The app features:

  • Recycling service reminders
  • Special collection events
  • The Waste Wizard recycling tool

Additional Information

For more information about how glass is recycled in Salt Lake City, please contact Momentum Recycling at (801) 355-0334 or visit Momentum Recycling’s website.