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Recycling Drop-Off Locations


If you do not have recycling collection at your residence and you live in a Salt Lake City multi-family property, first check to see if your property manager should offer recycling as part of the Business & Multi-Family Recycling Ordinance. If you believe they should and are not, fill out this form and we will follow up to see if they are eligible.

The following drop-off locations are free and open to the public

And many Green Fiber dumpsters at Salt Lake City schools.

Materials Accepted:

    1. Paper
    2. Cardboard

(Access to the containers is through the scales and across from the Household Hazardous Waste Collection area).

Materials Accepted:

    1. Plastic Containers
    2. Metal & Aluminum Cans
    3. Cardboard
    4. Glass
    5. Textiles/Clothing

Please contact them directly or visit their location to inquire if they are still accepting recycling drop-offs.

View the complete list of glass recycling drop-off locations.