Salt Lake City


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Trevor Dahl

“We Are All Connected”


About the project

When asked to create two pieces related to recycling efforts in Salt Lake City, I knew my choice subject matter would be local environments that I hold dear to my heart – I ended up choosing my backyard in the Liberty Wells neighborhood and the Great Salt Lake State Park. I’ve spent countless hours in these two distinct places admiring their beauty but not without taking note of our civilization’s impact on these places. With these designs, I hope to inspire people of all ages to respect the environments we live in and to take responsibility for our impact and consumption. Recycling is a simple yet symbolic action, and reflects the attitude we hold towards our world and the creatures we share it with. 

Artist Statement

As a painter and illustrator, I find the greatest fulfillment when I create artwork that is both beautiful and whimsical. In a world rich with beauty and terror, I try to acknowledge these aspects of reality while still holding space for the playful and the goofy. Throughout all the struggles humankind faces each day on a personal and planetary level, sometimes stopping and laughing at something totally silly is the best type of medicine. With my work, I hope to carry that energy forward and share meaningful messages in a way that appeals to all ages and could invoke a smile on anyone.