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Community Donations

We encourage you to donate reusable items.

Specialty Recycling Programs

See our current round-up of special recycling programs for items such as block Styrofoam, textiles, and more.


Private Waste Haulers

If you require additional waste services beyond the scope of Call 2 Haul, there are many private haulers in the Salt Lake City area that can help. The following is not an exhaustive list, but includes those haulers who are registered with Salt Lake City to support the Business Recycling Ordinance. Many offer dumpster service in Salt Lake City.

Phone: 801-468-5865

Phone: 801-923-6437

Phone: 801-363-9995

Phone: 801-534-4488

Phone: 801-560-5806

Phone: 801-386-9650

Phone: 801-310-9379

Phone: 801-328-2102

Phone: 801-266-3610

Phone: 801-355-0334

Phone: 801-683-1264

Phone: 801-924-8549

Phone: 801-825-3800

Phone: 801-931-4100

Phone: 801-978-2287

Phone: 801-401-0322

Phone: 801-956-0922

Phone: 801-573-9267

We appreciate your feedback, suggestions & questions.

Please email or call Salt Lake City’s Waste & Recycling line at (801) 535-6999.

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