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Specialty Recycling Programs and Resources

Salt Lake City’s recycling program accepts clean paper, plastic containers, metal cans, and cardboard. Bulk waste can be collected through the Call 2 Haul program. However, some materials don’t belong in the blue curbside containers and require specialty recycling.

Thanks to our community partners and alternative specialty recyclers, there are many ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle materials that cannot be collected through curbside services.

General Recycling
Utah Recycling Alliance. They host regular CHaRM (Collection of Hard to Recycle Materials) events.

Recycle Utah (Summit County-based non-profit)

TerraCycle boxes for many types of items
Clothing & Textiles • The Salt Lake Valley Landfill has a Big Brothers Big Sisters clothing bin available for new or gently used clothing. The container is located about 100 yards east of the landfill entrance.

• Some retailers periodically accept old clothing for recycling that is too worn to be reused:
H&M (any clothing)
Patagonia (Patagonia clothing only)
Madewell (any jeans)
Reformation x thredUP (clothing)

Drop off or mail denim for recycling through Cotton Incorporated’s Blue Jeans Go Green program.
Art & Office Supplies Clever Octopus is a local non-profit that accepts items used in arts and crafts projects at their Creative Reuse Center.

Crayola Marker Recycling
Plastic Bags & Films • Clean plastic bags can be returned to most grocery stores.

Plastic Film Recycling
Styrofoam Marko Foam – for recycling block Styrofoam (no packing peanuts or take-out containers)

ACH Foam Technologies – for recycling block Styrofoam (no packing peanuts or take-out containers)
Bulk Cardboard & Shredded Paper Greenfiber (3061 S 3600 W, West Valley City, UT 84119) accepts bulk cardboard and shredded paper for recycling. They also have drop-off locations that can be accessed by appointment by calling 801-746-5716.
Mattresses & Furniture Mattress recycling at Springback Utah. Also available through Call 2 Haul.

• Reusable furniture can be donated to local organizations for reuse. Visit the Call 2 Haul Resources page.
Bicycles • Bikes and bike equipment can be donated to the Bike Collective for reuse.
• Bicycle tires can be recycled with Liberty Tire or through Call 2 Haul.
ElectronicsElectronic Waste is accepted in the Call 2 Haul program. Other options include:
• The Health Department’s Household Hazardous Waste facility also accepts electronics, including CRT TVs, at both the Salt Lake Valley and Trans-Jordan Landfill locations.
Other options include:
Best Buy
Metech Recycling
Recycle Solutions
Auto TiresTires can be dropped off with Liberty Tire or recycled through Call 2 Haul (up to 4 car tires accepted).
Other Programs Wands for Wildlife – twice a year (in February and October) Wands for Wildlife collects used mascara wands for cleaning the fur and feathers of wild animals at wildlife refuges and rehabilitation centers
Household Hazardous Waste Materials including antifreeze, batteries, oil, paint, toxic chemicals, fluorescent lights, CFL lights, and electronics should be taken to the appropriate hazardous waste collection location.
Recycling Drop-offsLooking for dumpsters for your recycling? See our page here.